Tencent was beaten by operators to face

load constantly put the words of ma, micro letter will never charge, micro letter and operators have a good cooperation, put up cold ass is hot face. Operators all lose face, and one friend slapped the past!

first world mobile congress in Barcelona, China mobile’s chairman, Mr Xi said, “traditional operators are facing the pressure is very big. The first competition is the competition between traditional three operators, but it is only the amount of change, you a little more, I a little less; And the second competition, may cause qualitative change, such as WeChat, Skype, to our voice, short MMS had a great alternative. From my point of view, the challenges of the Internet more terrible “competition.

later, China telecom chairman wang xiaochu talk about tencent micro letter said that future micro letter to hit SMS value-added services such as income, but has little impact on the company’s business.

this is not, China unicom chairman chang xiaobing said again, for the decline in the SMS, MMS, etc can’t overly pessimistic, because he felt WeChat etc. The APP will not continue to be free, “I hope they can find a good business model”, moreover, WeChat and weibo also brought very big data business flow for operators, if failure of unicom also do more harm than good.

the head of the three operators are coming out, very euphemistic words, but meaningful is combative, do not give tencent a little face.

as a telecom industry of convective cloud network said, WeChat rob your job, and see who is the mountains!

it seems tencent game will continue, and operators how to benefit segmentation, how shall we share out the meat, you have to sit together talk. But it is clear that the situation is the initiative is still in operators hands, ma had to mainly.