Tencent to be shielding weibo alleged unfair competition rivals YuYong crawford scold: nausea

some netizens to hunt cloud network reported, according to tencent abusing rights shielding rivals tencent weibo, alleged unfair competition.

event blocked side UCweb staff confirmed to hunt cloud network, tencent indeed blocked UCweb browser on tencent weibo content.

recently, media reports quoted analysys data, said mobile phone QQ browser with a 37.6% market share than leaders UCweb, become the industry first. Analysys data released from UCweb, UCweb top on weibo together. UCweb relentlessly pointed out below directly, analysys data.

UCweb the official account in tencent weibo and sina weibo also released the following content of weibo:

but feel something is, the normal show in sina weibo has been tencent weibo shielding. UCweb’s discontent with tencent’s behavior more and UCweb chairman UCweb CEO directly say dirty words, “tencent’s disgusting.”

cloud network hunting after verification, found that tencent weibo indeed blocked UCweb weibo, as of hunting cloud network time, this weibo still has not been tencent “released.”

the personage inside course of study thinks, tencent use private right shielding rivals, the alleged unfair competition. “Regardless of analysys data true and false, as rival tencent, should not use weibo private rights to block competition. If tencent think UCweb to question data, big can debate. But the use of such savage, in addition to the outside world think tencent blatant make unfair competition, hard to avoid let people suspect tencent guilty of data.”

“this kind of behavior is great harm to tencent brand.” Other executives did not want to be named convective cloud network said.