Tencent official set the tone for the first time micro letter three direction: commercialization O2O, mobile games, and value-added services

tencent earnings after the release, tencent ma huateng, CEO, President, Mr Lau, attended the conference call, key points of interpretation of the results, and answer questions from the analyst.

in the q&a, tencent official labeling WeChat commercial three direction: O2O, mobile games, and value-added services. Mr Lau is testing revealed that the micro letter game platform.

this is tencent President liu chiping speech:

we have not seen the monetization as micro letter the primary task of development, we need more efforts to provide good communication and social experience. But with ways to monetize, we believe that as long as can maintain robust WeChat platform, can with monetization of successful in the long-term development. The development of the tencent QQ is a very good example, while other companies also have successful experience.

now, we still consider the user experience listed in the first place, Ma Zong also proposed recently, we are creating WeChat gaming platform, and in the next few months, will enter the test phase. But when will the official promotion, or to the satisfaction degree of the user experience.

WeChat monetization, we hope to explore O2O mode (Online to Offline), location-based services, e-commerce, etc. And in terms of location based, I want to have similar properties, micro letters and phone QQ has a large number of users, to be able to use a similar pattern. But I think the advertising is not so simple, because the screen size is limited, and advertising will use bandwidth. Therefore, we need more time to determine specific pattern. Test the game first, before considering two modes.