Tencent network CEO ABU appointed Yi Xun guang qi, vice President for the company

hunting cloud network news on August 5, tencent company today by the internal email, network CEO bligh guang qi was appointed Yi Xun tencent company vice President, responsible for tencent electricity construction and development of proprietary brand business, from tencent Wu Xiao light report, chief executive of electrical business holding company.

the appointment of the tencent company pointed out that in the email BuGuang qi is one of China’s e-commerce field explorers, lead the team created Yi Xun nets, and as chief executive. In the process of Yi Xun growth, he proactively build Yi Xun in the strength of the supply chain and logistics, in the rapid growth of users establish a good reputation at the same time. After tencent strategic investment Yi Xun BuGuang qi led Yi Xun steadily expanding in the B2C fierce competition environment, not only the layout area/city logistics center, complete nationwide based system structure, supply chain and customer experience – logistics service level and keep the consistent industry leading advantage, become a tencent electricity the whole engine.

Yi Xun network was founded in 2006, 2010, tencent’s investment in tencent electricity “proprietary and open platform” strategic layout, Yi Xun network assumes main build proprietary word of mouth and warehousing logistics infrastructure construction task. Since tencent investment from Yi Xun web grows rapidly, has become the Chinese electrical contractor’s fastest-growing in recent years, a dark horse. Statistics show, Yi Xun net order amount to 6.8 billion last year, this year sales estimated at about 120-15 billion, is expected to enter the Chinese independent B2C e-commerce in the first three.