Tencent music depending on TV in hand: Yi Xun network become super electricity TV channels

this afternoon Letv new and tencent e-commerce sites Yi Xun network joint conference held in Beijing, released formally establish the cooperation relations between us.

Yi Xun network will become apparent super TV sales channels, open a super Yi Xun TV channel, and day sale music as super TV the X60 spot, at present already accept Yi Xun users in advance, and day, by appointment qualification to buy Letv super TV. Yi Xun reported a target for: 60 minutes reach 5000 table reservation. besides Letv oneself website resources, in addition to the Yi Xun network channel resources, Letv super TV will also be in its WeChat, space platform, such as commercial promotion try . Even the future both sides will be in the form of a “special WeChat” for marketing.

happy networks CEO Dr Yeoh said:

“chose Yi Xun network as the starting platform, is Yi Xun backed by tencent, the user has a huge advantage, flow. Yi Xun users have good habits of pay, meanwhile, it has to do with the television can through content consistent profits. Letv and Yi Xun big mergers, will create a new era of Internet marketing. Super TV will through the Internet way of mode of production, marketing, activates each user of the Internet “.

and Yi Xun net official said:

is Yi Xun net to see TV, actively seeking cooperation between both sides in the TV, then both sides hit it off, the two sides have not too much talks and common, is “love at first sight”.

in addition to marketing super TV together, the two sides will also discuss more cooperation in the future. For example, the application of the electricity of Yi Xun extended to Letv super on TV, for the user through the super TV electricity provide convenience shopping. The Internet based on super TV sitting room, also has the potential to be tencent is application of a new development direction.