Tencent micro visual break into a short video UGC into social industry hotspot

before the national holiday, tencent launched the “micro”, and gain the invitation had a big fire star, make a short video once again become the focus. Although it is not sure whether 8 seconds short video reference Vine can really appeal to Chinese users, but the view is undoubtedly the bearing power is tencent UGC strategy important mobile terminal products. For a long time, tencent in the field of long video copyright and youku, iQIYI hand-to-hand combat, but still cannot prevail, this year, to gradually increase construction on user-generated content and UGC, the strength of user-generated content at the same time, the construction strategy of UGC also targeting the youku, 56 network established video sharing site. This time to launch the micro view, it is very important factor is to make up short on video strategy, at the same time enhance the short video of the integration of social resources and tencent itself.

short video showed burst trend

China’s video sharing sites (UGC) originated in 2005, 56 and potato was among the first to follow the domestic video sharing site youtube patterns, but eight years have been silently waiting for the outbreak of the opportunity.

the advent of the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone, pad, such as the popularity of mobile terminal, and users for fragmentation let video sharing sites such as finally to a wonderful opportunity. Both proactive and strategic defensive, it is necessary that the video website with a short video. Compared to the film and television play isometric video, UGC can contribute more user viscosity, its is a cornerstone for video web site overall content, huge amounts of UGC content of long tail flow effect is video website should not be ignored. Therefore, after the first two years of copyright melee video began to truly realize the importance of UGC website.

in addition, from the perspective of social mobility, text, images, voice, and other functions are very complete, but vacant is based on a short video mobile social service, short video can be very good to fill the market vacancy.

, , have come to a short video the eve of the explosive growth. First of all, the UGC mode has been away for eight years in China, user base is good, do not need to start from scratch education users; Second, a good time to catch up with the social mobility is popular: smartphone configuration is higher and higher, shooting the video quality is getting better and better, to watch video is becoming more and more fluent, flow network is more and more cheap, complete with wi-fi hotspots, more and more, and so on factors, combined with the previously snapped, sing APP has let users accustomed to share pictures and sound, the outbreak of the short video is ready only owe the east wind.

as long as there are a few good product or application, believe that the short video will soon broke out in the Chinese market.

gain mobile social valuable opportunity

depending on the birth certificate, tencent clearly saw the opportunity of a short video. Especially its WeChat, hand Q these two mobile social applications has unshakable market position, and abroad with Twitter, Facebook, successful cases such as the Line. But tencent is not without competitors in a short video field, such as youku , com , 6 old video sharing sites are on the mobile end provides the function of the video shooting, upload and share, even have been only a long video iQIYI application are also introduced a short video “odd” and so on, is only at this stage the cake bigger together is more important.

since the short video sharing application abroad after the fire, the domestic has had such as such as imitation, micro bloggers, second pat follower, but due to the product itself doesn’t really meet the demand of users, and lack of time to accumulate, mostly are seldom pay close attention to at present. Short video to explosion, social platform based support also is very important factor, a Vine of Twitter and Facebook sets and Japan Line micro chips is based on social network to get the outbreak of the opportunity.

if they can micro view, for main UGC video website is a good thing, especially back all the 56 network has a strong social advantages, the combination of UGC and mobile social for com is a rare opportunity. As this year all the overall transformation from SNS to SMS (social service), 56 web will need to do is to further short video and mobile social get through, strengthen the mobile end UGC sharing ability, let the mobile end video can not only make, can see, can share, also can have social attribute.

in the

micro inspect after launch, estimate weibo, devoted to the stranger sit still, probably will be rapid infiltration in the field of short video, after all, foreign markets have precedents. Move the short video sharing for social networking and video integration more perfect, or will become the focus of the domestic video industry competition.

article/Wang Liyang

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