Tencent again to block the third party QQ client modifier prosecuted

at the beginning of this month, tencent again blocked third-party the client, the use of unofficial or official version based on the modified version of users will receive “ component is damaged, please download the repair tools to repair “. If the user doesn’t repair using the the client will be forced to offline. The block comes to the latest version of the QQ2013 and QQ2012 client, international edition unaffected.


according to hunt cloud network understanding, the third party to modify the client to remove tencent advertising components, can simplify the functions of some not commonly used at the same time. Compared to all sorts of function stack bloated official client, modified version of the client is more popular among some users. client advertising module is an important source of tencent advertising, tencent will not influence on the destruction of the client and the phenomenon of income sit.

it is reported that the famous third party compact edition the author zd423 has been tencent, another third party client authors “one tree forest” in the blog announced stop updating third-party versions of QQ .

has always attached great importance to the protection of tencent in their products.

2006 , 12 on 20 , tencent company sued anthozoan edition copyright infringement and won, the software authors soff was sentenced to tencent compensation of economic loss of one hundred thousand yuan.

2008 , 11 month, tencent force users to uninstall plugins software “rainbow from 51. com.

2010 , 11 , 360 introduction 360 privacy protector, such as bodyguards for products, tencent said bodyguards tencent products function. 11 on 3 day night, tencent’s announcement, equipped with 360 computer software software, 3 q war broke out.