Teardown calculate cost: the new flagship samsung Galaxy S4 costs $244

Research firm

IHS released a report that said after dismantling machine study found New flagship samsung the Galaxy S4 244 $.

this includes the assembly machines going to cost the $cost, that is to say a the most basic version of the the Galaxy S4 pure hardware cost about 236 $.

IHS report also said this generation’s flagship than the previous generation the Galaxy S3 hardware cost is higher than the 30 $, the high cost of some of the major is S the better and faster screen CPU .

announced New flagship samsung is not the specific price, just said will and other mainstream flagship of the same price, that also means that the model about 500-600 $.

it is worth mentioning that other IHS once hair but apple the iPhone 5 cost accounting, version of the iPhoone 5 hardware costs $ 207 dollars, lower than the New flagship samsung and $.

there is no need to put the hardware cost and price comparison, after all, only hardware, hardware makers to develop the research and development of a mobile phone cost, software cost and transport and channel into are not counted.


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