“Taobao” wireless open platform For developers into at least 500 million this year

on September 17, hunting cloud network news, domestic marketing platform ali mother today formally announced the launch of “taobao guest” wireless open platform (u.alimama.com), build a wireless marketing platform, full swing open strategy of taobao guest wireless. Ali mother revealed that this platform will integrate all taobao guest wireless terminal products, including API, the SDK, channel, activities, etc., the future outside developers can be Shared by the platform taobao wireless data, and along with the growing of the taobao in the wireless terminal obtain more benefits.

“expected full-year 2013, taobao guest wireless terminal to promote the sales will grow 5 to 10 times, and we give the tao guest commission this year is divided into at least also will be more than 500 million.” Ali mother platform “taobao” Qin Qing business chief, said the mobile Internet is the trend of The Times, ali mother wireless marketing platform launched nearly step to stimulate the developers, bring new opportunities for developers.

data show that in 2012, ali mother in wireless alliance business into has reached 100 million yuan, “taobao guest wireless end this year will continue to promote business development, we will also provide the opportunity to more developers, in order to produce more high-quality partners.”

it is known that ali mother also recently held “I am the orange led” contest of innovation and development to support and encourage the wireless content “taobao guest” to participate in the project, and explore the wireless innovation model, so far, nearly 1000 people wireless conference registration number, submit the outstanding works of nearly 300, and the birth of the wormhole voice assistant, wild guess price, pregnancy remind and excellent taobao guest wireless APP USES, it is understood that ali mother cash rewards for this contest offers millions of vc and the whole process of the guidance.

Qin Qing revealed that this year “taobao” in the field of wireless business focus mainly have two aspects, one is based on the wireless open platform, comprehensively promote “taobao” existing wireless products, provide more opportunities for developers. Wireless, she said, “the shed all of API will be from the PC to generate wireless proprietary apis. In the existing SDK, channels, activities of wireless at the same time, further introduced all kinds of products have the characteristics of wireless taobao guest, meet the demand of all kinds of media promotion. At the same time also start wireless data statements, thoroughly from the aspects of API, products, and report to realize comprehensive wireless defuse read.

on the other hand, the ali mama also will further standardize this year wireless “taobao” promote cooperation rules, the better to protect the interests of consumers, businesses and third-party developers. “As our earnings this year will not affect developers under the premise of the user to access wireless taobao guest API interface generated when the goods are the client access to the phone taobao, maximum limit” to protect the safety of users’ personal information privacy.

as we have learned, at present the ali mama is still in closed beta for taobao guest wireless terminal promotion independent APP client – alliance promoter APP. “We will launch in the near future alliance promoter APP, let promoter can really focus on taobao guest information anytime and anywhere.” Qin Qing revealed that the application will provide taobao guest account report view function, master returns at any time. At the same time provide the seller, alliance announcements and information subscription function, simply subscribe, can at any time to master the latest products, rules dynamically, seller commission plan to modify, change information.