Taobao ten years evolution: e-commerce into economic change leading power

“ten years trees, ents in one hundred”. 10 ago, taobao is just a seed of the Chinese Internet, today, the seed has become China’s economic reform leading force. Review of taobao 10 years, is an innovative company, the legendary story, is also the course of the rise of Chinese Internet shopping and consumption power, is the history of tens of millions of electronic retailing innovation ability rapidly release.

2013 , 5 on 9 , taobao, marking the 10th anniversary celebration on the eve of the alibaba group research center (hereinafter referred to as ali research center) officially released in hangzhou the growth pole: from emerging market countries to the study of Internet economy, information economic outlook report, report are analyzed in detail by taobao China electronic commerce economy brings the great changes in China’s economy.

in the conference, alibaba group vice President, ali, director of the center for Liang Chunxiao made the theme of “ten years: taobao e-commerce leading economic change” to share. Liang Chunxiao pointed out that in the decade the birth of taobao, the Internet economy will become new growth pole, the world economy and electronic commerce economy is becoming the important engine of the future development of Chinese economy, C2B model will lead the future of electronic commerce economy.

the report for the first time, puts forward the concept of “economies” electronic commerce. Ali research center statistics, 2020 years, China’s e-commerce scale economies is expected to total 47.8 one trillion yuan, close to the 2012 in China $one trillion the year total.

with China’s economic pulse, taobao decade transmutation

2003 year, taobao was born. This year, the SARS to the shadow of the ongoing, for enterprise and society, this is the most difficult time. But then the macroeconomic data confirm that this year rather than be the year the Chinese economy is facing severe pressure, on the contrary, this is a new round of economic boom years in China. Taobao’s birth, in the case of ebay heyday, did not cause much attention.

2005 year, according to the national bureau of statistics, China’s consumption growth rate continuous 16 months grew faster than 12% (by the end of the year in the data). It means that Chinese consumption exist independence from and out of the investment cycle up the stability of the growth cycle, consumption in the driving force of economic growth will increase gradually. This year, taobao transcend eBay on ebay, and start the rivals far behind.

2007 , taobao is no longer a simple auction site, but the biggest network retail business circle in Asia. This year, taobao full-year turnover breakthrough 400 , the 400 not C2C create nor B2C create, but consists of a variety of retail formats created together. As Beijing’s most famous business circle, wangfujing, it is by the department stores, specialty stores, grocery store, even including the booth of a variety of retail formats. This, determines the taobao have competitors are difficult to match the pace of development.

2008 years, China’s economy is in should mixed, the success of the Beijing Olympic Games greatly enhanced people’s self-confidence and the image of China, at the end of the outbreak of the financial crisis to export-oriented economy, such as by frost. This year, taobao is still growing rapidly, the annual turnover reached 998 one hundred million yuan, at the same time, the official launch of “big taobao strategy”, to create the world’s largest e-commerce ecological system. This year, taobao mall also is declared.

2011 years, under the background of the international economic crisis continues, especially the euro crisis, domestic inflation is serious, the government special highlights the theme of the industrial structure adjustment, namely the consumption in a more prominent position. This year, taobao three, split into taobao, Tmall, a tao, three companies in the field of online retail layout is more clear.

2012 year, China rose 7.8% , for the first time below 8% . For accustomed to the rapid growth of Chinese economy, “steady growth, transfer mode, adjust structure” is both the goal, is also a challenge. This year’s “double ten”, taobao and day cat hit a one-day volume 191 record of one hundred million yuan, 11 on 30 day, taobao and Tmall deals announced a breakthrough 1 one trillion yuan, the two events for the whole society to have a profound influence on the understanding of the electronic commerce.

enter 2013 year, eighteen big report: “adhere to the new industrialization with Chinese characteristics, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization.” In the “four modernizations”, information technology, become a key element. This year, alibaba group, has carried on the new business architecture and organization adjustment, set up 25 a division, taobao’s business architecture is subdivided into multiple cells. Metamorphosis after ten years, taobao has pulse, casting with the Chinese economy, become a important economic driving force.

2020 in the Chinese e-commerce economies will approach 50 one trillion

according to the report, the electronic commerce economy is the core of China’s Internet economy, also is the foundation of the information economy in China. At the same time, the electronic commerce economy is also China to avoid the “middle-income trap”, crossing the “digital divide”, the effective support to solve the “excess capacity”.

“electronic commerce economy is to promote the development of China’s economic engine.” Liang Chunxiao said, and his own development process is also a business ecological process of continuous evolution. In online retail, for example, emerge from the original version and its symbiotic evolution between customers, to give him / consumer and e-commerce platform (such as taobao / day cat) between the symbiotic evolution, and then to give him / / symbiotic evolution between the platform and e-commerce service provider, and then to the entire e-commerce applications and services and the whole society between the symbiotic evolution, finally see is a vibrant commercial ecological sustained growth, the dynamic evolution of life.