Taobao O2O interpretation: management of online payment is the key

the author: Richard c.haskelli

“local life service is five at six o ‘clock the sun, hope never below the manufacturing and retail industry in the future.” In a recent media interview, ma made it clear that the bullish for O2O, “it is waiting for the opportunity to wireless Internet.” So, how to grasp the O2O opportunities, local service life, become the most important tasks in taobao wireless shoulder.

wireless do brewing some new gameplay, taobao taobao vice President Qiu Changheng, wireless on the media Open Day this week revealed that taobao is running a program called “life”, shopping and consumption that are relevant to users around the move to mobile phones.

what is this “life circle”? Taobao has a lot of small and medium-sized sellers covering all aspects of life, there are shopping, there is also a service class, in the process of the development of the past, taobao erased the regional property of the seller, however, the next 10 years, the regional attribute will be emphasized. Then these natural become taobao sellers with the regional attribute O2O platoon guide, this is the biggest advantage.

taobao, on those not open a shop on taobao is offline stores to online, according to the idea, “a line of hotel, can not open a shop on taobao, but you can release my service through taobao wireless channel. And this service can be related to geographical position.” Qiu Changheng said. Taobao encourage businesses no longer fully online, but encourage them to use taobao online platform management, granting customers are favorable, and complete the payment.

taobao wireless who offers a great opportunity for these tools? Taobao Qiu Changheng introduced wireless forthcoming personalized features, each user sees the page is not the same, is personalization. Each business on the mobile phone is no longer needed maintenance is similar to the PC details “page”, but more interactive communication with customers, with a more clever way accurately recommend their products. The product at the end of April will be in the form of function module in taobao in the mobile client.

taobao O2O entrance is the consumer? In fact whether membership card, coupons or coupon, are attached at the top, the most core is to pay. To engage in any one involved in O2O business enterprise to say, pay is the most important part of the deal closed loop or hardest. It is easy to understand, closely links the taobao alipay, above to complete the closed-loop advantage is obvious. Pay treasure to the function of the recent innovation also focus on close shot payment, such as bar code, sound waves, payment, etc.

Qiu Changheng, for example, said: “I hope after today in hangzhou, everyone have a coffee together to hangzhou, after drinking coffee after don’t pay package, scan the code on the desk directly can use pay treasure to pay, can have the corresponding preferential. Again a little bit to long term, you walked into the store, merchants know you this man is my old customer, I should give you free send another cake.”

in taobao’s vision of a scenario, the coupon after the acquisition, consumption, payment, order management, will all get through. Taobao now has two cities in hangzhou and xiamen for testing.

“life circle” will not become a single product, but will be integrated in the taobao mobile client. This is done, Qiu Changheng says, because in their imagination, taobao mobile client is not like this, a simple shopping platform, but a more personalized, interactive service platform, abundant life. But “life circle” online is no timetable.

taobao wireless is another product provides another perspective of imaginary space. “Tao” will scan the barcode, filming the pages, goods in the future will also be introduced to identify corporate logo, identify hotel building, and on the basis of the information goods. , according to the “tao clattering” Misa, head is about to launch the “supermarket” will allow the user to “shopping”, only to cashier, just need to sell goods photographed add to cart, can at home waiting for delivery.

“O2O like a pit of fire, last year there were countless people, but no one can climb. But then again, even a pit of fire for us today we also have to do.” Qiu Changheng said.

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