Taobao music category is launched Integration of dried shrimp music

cloud network hunting, July 18,

taobao taobao cooperation with dried shrimp “music category” also officially launched today. This means that the two platforms account get through, the official start of the shrimp with taobao to make music store key, taobao is also social platform with the aid of digital music to enrich life properties.

earlier this year, announced the acquisition of dried shrimp nets, ali and integrating it into music group, as ali is an important component part of the 25 division, is behind the online music market has great potential/holds great promise. In domestic at present copyright confusion, musicians, it is difficult to make money situation shrimp is insist on paying to download mode launched a challenge to the traditional pattern of free.

on July 11, shrimp musicians online platform, allows musicians and record companies independent pricing, user downloads sell their own copyright of music works, the resulting revenue 100% returned to the musician. This similar taobao shop mode when the shrimp nets CEO wang also revealed that taobao will provide marketing channels for shrimp music resources. So all the music production, promotion, product sales, formed a complete industrial chain, for the musicians to provide a series of shows, marketing, data analysis and payment tools, etc.

in fact, as early as April 1, taobao first appeared directly click on listen music function, allows the user to select favorite songs to play when I was in taobao, enjoy one-stop shopping + music new experience, this is just the beginning of the cooperation.

today, login taobao homepage theme “market”, click on “music” dried shrimp, can easily enjoy high quality music space, dried shrimp inside including recommended playlists, collection, album, artist, charts, etc.

taobao users online at the same time, also can choose according to be fond of generated after personal recommendations playlists, music all categories of information, and shrimp nets in sync. Not only listen to sync with dried shrimp web site, for taobao users can also through the trial center, tao COINS through various channels, such as low threshold high quality music experience.

in addition, in the mobile web taobao search bar has a search audition function. Search, for example, in the mobile web search bar “blues”, in the first row of the search results is blues artist information and related album, click on the picture album cover or to listen to songs accordingly. Taobao has revealed that the mobile phone taobao APP in early August, taobao users against quality music services will soon online.

the personage inside course of study thinks, shrimp with taobao platform advantages, the musicians marketing system with the e-commerce effective docking, amalgamation. And the combination of music and electronic commerce, also is the subversion of traditional music industry, the future of taobao music category is full of challenge and expectation.