Take video for sale? VHX provides the possibility for the user, and successfully raised $3.2 million

YouTube makes it easy to video upload and publish them in the world. But if you want to sell the video? This is what want to step in.

the brooklyn companies are hoping to develop services, makes video maker works can be more easily into the sale to customers. Since last comedian Aziz Ansari high-profile and do STH unconventional or unorthodox after launch, has selected 60 video sales, from some of you have already known, but more people, how they are not famous.

VHX plans in the near future can let everyone can upload and sell. Up platform of the money comes from a New $3.2 million in financing, the financing led by wide and investment, and New investors such as William Morris Endeavor together, and the earlier investors Lerer Ventures, Lowercase Capital and Alexis Ohanian this time also come back to participate in the financing.

in today’s Internet, can sell a lot of local video, start from apple’s iTunes and from now on. VHX offered video producer is ultimately will allow anyone to sell anything, clause is more flexible than its competitors, and provide the percentage points better than the standard of panax notoginseng were divided into. The company says, they created the gross profit of $2 million last year.

it is important to note that after Louis C.K. launched 2011 special edition, prominent figures directly sold to fans idea change seem to is a kind of new model. But the development of this pattern seems a little less pressing, after all, the fact that not everyone can like Louis C.K. so successful.

Ansari, for example, by Netflix launched his next issue, even in C.K. by HBO launched his latest issue, though he claimed that he will soon be on his own website to sell himself.

others also saw video of DIY market, and determine as they want to look attractive. Such as IAC s CollegeHumor/Connected Ventures group, last year spent a lot of time preparing to launch their own video production/distribution platform, but in the end, don’t have enough money in making and dropped after the decision of the support and returns.

right , co-founder of VHX Jamie said Wilkinson, VHX can pass for the but it is not only the well-known service and prosperous.

there is a huge amount of content, those guys would have been surprisingly , he said. but for us the content will be super success low contact service, facing the audience.