Taiwan manufacturers quanta server order with facebook threat to dell, HP, market position

abstract: the server industry, Taiwan’s Quanta hardware manufacturing company (two) from an original hardware manufacturers to product distributors, at the same time also plans to expand its product line to sell more products.

Mike Yang said, everything from his 7 , 08 and Facebook technical operations vice President after the talks started, use the source server to replace traditional suppliers like as the data center, so Facebook quanta.

before quanta has not directly sell to the customer server, company just as the traditional supplier manufacturing server, and then sold to suppliers as part of their customers (foundries,). After a few years, most of the income of quanta are sell direct from the server, 2012 years of revenue 65% , this year the proportion is expected to increase to the 85% . Now, their servers have many buyers need large server client, such as too.

Yang, quanta of cloud computing, head of the sales department on Thursday when accepting a reporter to interview introduced how to size the customer to provide products of high performance low efficiency directly. Taiwan based hardware manufacturers in 85% business forecast quanta will become a trusted cloud providers, it will be established such as HP and dell server vendors to produce further threat.

Based in California,

Calif, has not announced its income or server shipments forecast, but said that its 2012 in the server motherboard shipments to 120 , and plan in this year at least add 10% to 132 ten thousand motherboards.

quanta in the brand growth appears on the server directly, at the same time, also for custom server, it also promote the growth of the retail sales of other equipment, including storage devices and network equipment. Quanta last year set up a subsidiary, specifically for small customer service two QCT .

Yang said, the company has a few strategically is undergoing a paradigm shift, at least in the field of the server to shift from an original product manufacturer to a big companies have their own brand. Rackgo is one of the largest selling products this year. Rackgo can provide, including computing, storage, and network equipment, a variety of products, it is one of the main reasons why the customer when there is a problem only one company can go to solve the problem.

of course, open source computing project, by the Facebook open source hardware proposal, quanta into a server vendors. Quanta at the end of the year will launch a variety of products based on open source computing project, the specific time it is not sure yet.

Yang introduction, the company will next month to open an office in Seattle, so that the closer to the customer. quanta have multiple clients in the region, but he declined to reveal their names. Microsoft is Windows and Live to build huge data center distance is only a short drive from Seattle, there is a hotbed of data center. Yang quanta this year to increase more sales and service offices in the United States.

quanta’s business model has changed dramatically, if can maintain rise, the market also keep the right direction, quanta can be developed into IT there is a famous brand in the field of technology.