System war brain-dead Microsoft WP head mouth shelling android

by smartphone lover abandon other platform system, we are not unfamiliar. Android fans may be too picky apple closed iOS system, while apple fans will laugh at Microsoft Windows Phone platforms are clear click-sould. However, when these smartphone company executive also made similar remarks attack, it becomes more and more intriguing. According to the related fact, Microsoft WP Terry Myerson (Terry Myerson) has also had a sarcastic comments for android.

Myerson said android was mercilessly “mess”, Google and warning control of the application platform is a threat. For one, he thinks the Chrome team head Sundar Pichai (Sundar ) control of the android system gradually improve, will lead to the platform to some extent the Chrome. We’ve already seen all kinds of interaction between Chrome and android platform. But Myerson points out, the Chrome will further intensify the android’s closed.

Myerson to further claims, since the block Facebook Home , Google is no longer a real “open” platform. About how he will come to pass, can replace the desktop will start the system under the generalised plane processing, Myerson did not comment in detail. But he seems to be sure that Google is very competitive threat.

Myerson’s move is in fact or in trouble? YuanFang,what’s your opinion?

Updata: Google, schmidt said android device volume will reach 1 billion units.

source: illustration from network