Survival experience to Google

these days, we found that Google has been conducted about their major surgery. Hangouts, Google talk is integrated in a variety of functions to join Google +, GR and Google was cleaning, a series of changes in the dizzying.

Google service has been widely permeates the people all aspects of the work and life, many people have used or are using at least one from Google’s services. Many users frequently face, however, feel not accustomed to. There are two authors recently, because of dissatisfaction to Google’s recent behaviour, and gives a series of alternative solutions of Google applications.

physicist and engineer the detailed list in the personal blog Google services alternatives: OpenStreetMap or MapBox replace Google Maps, instead of Google search, or alternative to Google +, replace the Chrome or Firefox. However, Whited said, because he is too too dependent on Gmail, there is no find a suitable alternative among similar products.

web designer in his blog, solved the difficult problem of Whited, he pointed out that can completely replace the Gmail. In addition, he also listed the “alternative plan” : almost instead of Google search, instead of GR, replace the Docs/Drive, Skype, Google talk instead. When it comes to Google Blogger, Wilcox, said any blog is stronger than Blogger, WordPress and bursts can all become the new choice for the user.

communications, documents, photos, calendars, or music, video, Whited Wilcox and provides us with a whole set of the application of alternative to Google services. In order to focus on a few core product, Google has been clean up or shut down many services, if you are not voluntarily by the nose, so these alternatives is worth a try.

but if use these alternatives, you need to use the points belong to the company’s products, can not enjoy the “one-stop” work style from Google experience. Especially some of the products is very small, much less than Google. Google is a number of products in their own areas near cannot be replaced. (xiao yun: if the authors really want to experience to Google to survive, it, Welcome to China.)