Survey: iOS, Android, WP app store, there are 700000 “zombie”

although the number of mobile applications is growing, the application system platform are used for large developers ally, that you have to “zombie”, “application of long tail”, increasingly plagued platform provider, and also to a certain extent, hit the enthusiasm of developers.

recently, monitoring service provider’s latest report from the mobile application, for apple, Google and Microsoft’s big three, again is a wake-up call.

the study points out, apple’s App Store App, 617346 of 60% application haven’t been upgraded after release, and user reviews are not more than 10. Meanwhile, in the Android and WP platform, is also the case. According to the survey, 484271 of Google Play app, with 41% of applications are zombies applications; In the WP, the proportion is as high as 69%.

it is understood that the company’s research data related to developers, application update frequency, cash, as well as the world’s three largest app store (iOS, WP, Google Play). The application of the three applications store number, were significantly lower than the official report, partly because of the StarDust eliminated those no update to the latest systems, as well as lose the qualifications of application developers.

here is the report data of other research results:

, the study found that the first two weeks, is an application was exposed “critical period”. 80% within 18 days after the release of iOS application evaluation and downloads won the majority of users. And the application of Android and WP exposure “golden period” was only 16 and 13 days.

, in fact, Google Play, the application of nearly seventy percent (68%) of downloads are less than 5000 times. This is considered to be hinder the application of the main causes of cash.

, although the application of apple’s App Store is still the world’s most profitable shops, can be applied in Google Play earnings growth is twice the apple.

, although the application of long tail phenomenon is becoming more and more serious, but it didn’t let developers to completely lose confidence. According to the report, developers how daily total release of application an average of 2371.

, published in the daily 2371 applications, 47% is exclusive for developing Android applications, there is 41% for the application of iOS development, but only 12% WP. In spite of the Android platform, application of large circulation, can provide the developer of the project developers prefer apple. Data show that on an average day there are 90 new applications for iOS development, by contrast, daily new Android developers for 75 people.

, it’s interesting that the Android platform application update frequency is far higher than in iOS. Android update daily average 2341 app, and daily update iOS application for 806. StarDust analysts believe the cause of the above phenomenon has the following two points: first, the Android fragmentation forcing developers have to update their applications; Second, the iOS application review for longer.