Surprised: software defined network – high-tech giant teamed up with the change to the Internet

Beijing time on April 8, according to foreign media reports, cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM and Microsoft and other technology giants announced on Monday launched a program called “OpenDaylight” open source software development project, marking the traditional network will be a fundamental change, a new network era is coming.

yahoo’s former chief technology officer at remy stark tower (raymie stata) once said, a huge computer network is a bit like ancient 15 to puzzle game of intelligence, in this game, you need to in a only move into 16 board inside the box 15 skis. If you decide to change your network operation mode, a lot of times you have no choice, only to rearrange your hardware manually.

at present, the network equipment will remain in the dark ages. By creating a variety of software, we can make almost desktops, smart phones, and the server to do anything we want them do, but we lacked can manipulate the network switch and router’s software.

this is not a small problem. Network hardware will all focus on the network in a large data centers, is that they are in the manipulation of the Internet and big companies all over the world.

network hardware is manufactured by cisco, Juniper and these technology giants, they usually is produced by the companies themselves out of date software to manage, these applications do this a few company designed in advance. If you want to do something new, your cisco switch you may need for you to produce a new cisco switches.

however, a new movement in the field of high technology is changing the situation.

over the years, Google has been trying to create your own network hardware, the network hardware to run Google’s own software, so that Google can control them better. Companies such as amazon, Microsoft and Facebook have been in the direction of Google to start.

the two silicon valley startups – Nicira and Big Switch Networks is to provide the world based on the Open Flow (an Open source network construction technology) software solutions, and promised their software allows network equipment control easier.

“as the mobile Internet, social networks and the emergence of cloud computing, computer network has grown to an unprecedented scale.” Strategy and management consulting firm Wiretap Ventures, the founders Matthew Palmer (Matthew Palmer) said, “we must find new network construction way”.

this sport called “software defined network (software – defined networking, or SDN)”, in many ways, the conservatives like cisco, Juniper and hewlett-packard (HP) is a kind of threat. It can make the world more freely through other channels to buy hardware. But the technology giant will see the trend of The Times, and realize oneself also needs to change.

this is the high-tech technology giants will jointly launched “OpenDaylight” project. There is no doubt that “OpenDaylight” project is an unprecedented open source software projects. This project aims to develop a large software group, to create a new network is more flexible than the traditional network, and will be free to share the software with the world. The purpose of the plan is to accelerate the evolution of the network, the future of the network can be easily mix and match different sources of software and hardware.

“this is the network industry urgently need.” Cisco’s chief technology officer David ward says, “in the history of the Internet, this is one of the most important turning point, open source is correctly.”

because of these high tech giant teamed up with (or at least they claim), OpenDaylight also indicates that the web is a fast speed in the direction of Google to start, people can like manipulation of computer control network in the future.

translation: tencent technology