Surface is a PC or tablet? Microsoft also silly don’t know

for a long time, an argument has been wandering in the circle of science and technology. That is: Microsoft Surface is PC , or a flat?

Windows 8.1 the latest advertisement, Microsoft gave his answer, or avoid the answer: Surface not PC , also is not flat…

here are advertising time slots, please welcome Windows 8.1 :

now I heard those words:

“You can do it all, simpler and easier, on your Windows tablet, PC or Surface.”

Windows tablet, PC or Surface … Appears in the Microsoft Windows 8.1 team’s eyes, Surfcace really have to jump out of the three worlds, not in the five elements. It is not flat, not PC .

however, last week Surface 2 , Surface marketing director Robin Seiler said: “the Surface is an efficient (work) tablets, not an entertainment use tablet “.

whether the tablet? Microsoft did you understand? !

my personal identity in the AD. Surface don’t have to be PC , also don’t have to be flat. It is in the singular. Whether it’s appearance, or function, carrying Windows RT system Surface RT , Surface 2 are different from PC and tablet devices.

it as sui generis, the marketing dilemma is: it is not suitable for PC users, but also not suitable for tablet users. Users can’t take it when PC use, users also can’t take it as a tablet.

what is suitable for the user of it? Who can good Surface ?

now, Microsoft did not want to clear the problem. Of course, I also don’t understand.

of course, the worst of the answer is: no one can be a good Surface , it is not suitable for almost any user…