Sure! Moto X phone released on August 1, (with propaganda video)

(editor: qing nan)

according to foreign media reports, MOTOROLA mobile send invitation letter to the media, showing the company is to be held in New York on August 1, Moto X smart phone conference. It also confirms hunting cloud network reported recently in the release date.

Moto X will be bought by Google MOTOROLA mobility since the release of the first flagship smartphone, therefore, attracts the attention of the world. Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) local time in earnings analysts on a conference call on Thursday reiterated his excitement of Moto X.

hunting cloud network has also done to the functions of Moto X, is made at the time, we can see from the video part of Moto X characteristics: strong voice control function, soft and smooth on the back of the thickness of the obvious thicker than the mainstream smart phones on the market right now, or pick up a bigger battery, is said to be as high as 4000 ma.

there are media reports said. Moto X is an important equipment in the development of Google Android push, but the situation is also quite subtle, because Google’s mobile phone partner don’t want Moto X can not provide their experience.

Moto X will this fall in America’s four big mobile operators. It is thought the Moto X pre-installed software “inflation” (bloatware) will be reduced, customizable degree is higher, the user can choose colors and patterns.

Google has announced it will in the United States production Moto X, price and the latest model of the iPhone and the Galaxy.