Suning cooperation with unicom, telecom move to resell the first licence

high-profile mobile telecommunication resale business in China will step forward again, in the licensing, Su Ningyun business company recently announced that it had first and China unicom, China telecom operators finally signed a cooperation agreement, the mobile telecommunication resale business licence swept away obstacles that means swept away.

according to the current progress, suning is likely to become the first domestic mobile telecommunication resale licence enterprise, and at least two national licences, strategy of retail enterprises and promote the transformation of the Internet into again.

since may of this year, the ministry of industry and information technology work notice, decided to formally to carry out the pilot resale for mobile communications business, and publish the final pilot program. Ask to develop business of mobile telecommunication resale private enterprises, in talks and basic telecommunication business operators, and to prepare the application materials. As requested, provided in resale business cooperation intention, within 4 months as of the date of basic telecommunication business operators shall be signed a cooperation agreement with more than two resale enterprise, and during the pilot to accept with two or more resell cooperation between enterprises.

so far statistics: since January 7, 2013, to solicit public opinion, a total of more than 70 enterprises to participate in the resale licence, but ultimately licences will lock in three kinds of enterprises: one is the distributors, suning, gome,, music language is expected to be licensed, the second is the Internet, such as suning, gome, ali, jingdong e-commerce sites; Three is the enterprise with the user industry resources, such as PMP, ufida, kingdee, etc.

suning The Times and two carrier China unicom, China telecom signed the final cooperation agreement, it is a brand laid a solid foundation. Another understands from suning company, is to maintain close communication with China mobile, a deal with the domestic three basic telecom operators have the possibility of reselling cooperation is also very big.

it is reported, by three carriers shortlist of mobile business qualifications, to report to the ministry of industry and information technology in the course of this month, each about six or so. If no accident, for enterprise will become the final card list, not finally confirmed by the issuance of a specific, news is reported this year.

according to the department in charge of unified planning, next year April 1 – system operators to reseller and cooperation docking period and run-up, formal number allocation since May 1.

suning with mobile resale advantage

the relevant person in charge of suning, said at the start of the year, suning is establish a project in the process of applying for jobs, and synchronization in mobile communication resell the related billing, account, customer service, information security system development, through the declared data, review, and eventually reached cooperation with two operators.

relative to other companies, suning to declare the advantages of mobile telecommunication resale licence is more obvious.

first of all, the line has more than 1600 stores, is the only one that can cover all provinces and autonomous regions of the country’s domestic commercial chain, online Su Ningyi purchase and maintain rapid growth, one of the top three in the industry rapidly, combined with the powerful after-sales service ability, suning online channel advantage is obvious.

second, suning online through membership of more than $1, with a strong customer base and analysis ability of users to buy, use habits, based on retail properties, and has advantages in promotion richness, targeted. In addition to individual users, su ning also has a large number of strong relationship between enterprises, the follow-up for enterprise users to exit the customized service products.

Su Ningyun business vice chairman wei-min sun said, “with the three major carriers suning already a long time, to the age of the Internet has evolved from pure product sales cooperation through various channels, business cooperation, strengthen channel, operators collaboration in the communications industry ecosystem.”

wei-min sun believes that the current Internet retail suning is transformation, has acquired, express, fund pays, licences and permits more, such as commercial factoring O2O layout, open platform has entered into the phase of rapid development. After waiting for resale licence officially approved for mobile communications, suning business will be more diverse, its “+ electricity + retail shop dealers” of “cloud” strategy will also enter the deepening stage.