Summary: tencent interview huawei Yu Cheng east 6 huawei to learn apple built industrial chain

tencent interview huawei Yu Cheng east 6 summary: huawei to learn apple to build industry chain

tencent technology journalist Eric kwok in Barcelona in the 2013 world exhibition on the mobile communication had an interview with huawei terminals chairman yu, hunting cloud network extracted the main points are as follows.

1, huawei phones sold 32 million units last year

huawei consumer BG last year to reach the global sales income is 48.4 billion yuan, an increase of about 10%. Year end products overall shipments of 127 million units, mobile phones reached 52 million units, including smartphone shipments to 32 million units, up 60% from a year earlier.

2, the three major transformation of huawei

the change of B2B business model from the traditional to the B2C mode, from the ODM and OEM huawei brand, products from low-end to high-end.

3, increased investment in brand

in 2011, compared with huawei Ascend series mobile phone launched last year, the brand has been improved, but still with nokia’s brand influence, such as apple user loyalty is high there is a big gap, so the next step in product quality continues to improve at the same time, increase of brand marketing.

4, sales channels open to the society

last year, huawei change terminal product of a single operator custom channels, expand public social channels comprehensively, large covering the whole country 3 c stores, strengthening the brand stores, and innovation in e-commerce channel sales forms such attempts. By the end of 2012, huawei terminal products through hugely sales accounted for 80% of shipments, through retail stores and other channel sales accounted for 20% of shipments. In accordance with the 2013 plan, the carrier channel and open channel will strive to do each half, among them, the key, high-end product to all traders by electric business platform.

5, huawei mobile phone r&d cost 900 million yuan last year

huawei sales revenue allocated to research and development spending by 10% a year, nearly a decade accumulated on research and development costs more than $150. Last year, every year for input on the terminal side, also paid $110 million in dongguan land 1900 acres to build terminals development base. Huawei mobile phone r&d cost nearly 900 million yuan last year, more than 10% of total revenue,

6, huawei to learn apple

huawei mobile phone to create a hardware, software, application and experience of integrated products, which is to establish and improve product chain, it is the trend of the future. For independent OS huawei has completely with the research and development strength, but the new OS, independent OS, in the absence of a complete chain as support, everything is empty talk.