Su ning fully opened online: accelerate transformation of the Internet

the world the only constant is change, in Tmall and jingdong have adjust the open platform, su ning of the once very traditional retailers are greater change in response to the situation change.

the renamed Su Ningyun emphasize enterprise transformation, online same price after two steps, suning and open platform strategy about the conference held last night, the official launch new open platform “suning haeundae”, the resources of the offline stores and online stores will open to the public, and the whole category investment, annual fee, technical services and platform, the commission is free. This is suning put forward comprehensive transformation of the Internet retail company since the biggest adjustment for the business operation mode.

add previous image, mode and organization structure adjustment, according to the Su Ningyun business vice chairman wei-min sun’s words, is to be in the way of the Internet to run the business. According to his introduction, suning will also be held in the fourth quarter of a larger corporate culture reengineering and core mission is to thoroughly implement the operation and management of the Internet.

why do open platform? Wei-min sun said that the age of the Internet is a platform economy era, the Internet retailer or forge or relying on the platform to be effective to adapt to the market, and can only be condensed popular open platform, intelligence gathering, and only open to share resources, share value, really make a full of vigor and vitality of the ecosystem.

in fact, suning already on the open platform makes a preliminary exploration. Last year the 7 month, Su Ningyi bought was introduced based on the pattern of purchasing investment promotion platform. Compared with last year’s open, the time of the adjustments is more comprehensive and in-depth. According to wei-min sun explanation is that there are two differences between the two, is a former China merchants to come over, this is the building of the platform, is a common operation. Su ning the time based on O2O model implementation of double open, give up the traditional difference business gross margin mode, the basic fee for free at the same time, will be based on the Internet, slowly pursue in Internet stores and logistics, finance, marketing, IT and after-sales cloud resources module value-added profit model.

suning since than “free trade”

although there is no reference at home, but the transformation of suning is determined. How to define the new business model? Su Ningyi purchasing executive vice President Li Binze gives a platform of “free trade” 3.0 concept.

is called 3.0 pattern, this is because, in his understanding, 1.0 C2C “flea market” model, 2.0 B2C “market” model, two kinds of patterns in the process of development gradually exposed the homogeneity competition seriously, the problem such as power rent-seeking, leading to more and most businesses operating difficulties.

li bin will su ning open platform compared to “free trade”, using the + brand licensing business + retailers cloud business mode, merchants as long as the free trade area investment standard, can be free to use property in the area, enjoy free policy platform fees, royalties, commissions (cover), at the same time, free trade zone to the merchants to provide low-cost services required in the process of operation, such as financial services, warehousing logistics services, intermediary services, such as merchants enjoy autonomy in operation of the high and profit distribution, only need to follow is that free trade area and unified service trade laws and regulations.

in the “free trade”, suning will create by “business garden”, “traffic”, “development”, “operation garden”, “service park”, “financial garden”, “insurance”, “garden” training platform composed of eight park ecological garden.

7 big cloud resource differentiated services

according to li bin, su ning “shop business + electrical business + cloud of retail services “business model, is the enterprise’s own business resources comprehensive cloud, social sharing. So will be provided to merchants and consumers “storefront cloud”, “financial cloud”, “ IT cloud “, “cloud logistics”, “cloud” advertising, “run clouds”, “knowledge cloud” and other value-added services.

which stores has become the difference between maximum advantage of the other electric business platform. At present, the suning has 1600 more stores, in accordance with the plan to the 2020 will achieve 3500 home, including suning EXPO super stores, flagship store, and there is suning own construction with suning plaza and suning plaza of life. In merchants can choose in stores based on their own physical display. At the same time, also will provide users with the to the store, payment, delivery, store the appraisal and so on many store O2O service. Su ning is the Internet stores full build mode at present, the first generation version will be in the fourth quarter of this year in the national key cities for the pilot, when the first batch of 100 core store will be open to the platform for merchants.

on the financial support, suning’s small loan companies can provide microfinance service for suppliers, the first shots 10 one hundred million yuan to set up credit funds platform, offering merchants pledge, credits, factoring, and other forms of financing services, is expected to be in the 9 at the end of start pilot run. In addition, the su ning also will launch in the near future fund products for businesses and consumers, such as insurance products based on easy FuBao balances of value-added services.

in addition, suning has been the key to build the IT technical team, there are 4000 many people, to the 2015 10000 people above, and gradually set up r&d center, both at home and abroad to hatch latest research and development and application of the Internet as a platform and third-party services for businesses including cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud applications, merchants IT custom services such as cloud services, including business intelligence, CRM , social business, supply chain optimization cloud application service will be fully opened to third-party developers.

at present, su ning “cloud logistics” the project is mainly composed of 12 a automation choose center, 60 big logistics base and the 5000 a city PeiSongDian stores as the backbone, the basic comprehensive radiation to all areas. After open platform online, su ning “cloud logistics” will be open gradually socialized. Li bin, according to the fourth quarter of this year in some key cities “cloud storage” and “express” cloud services, businesses can choose corresponding su ning to provide warehousing and distribution services, can also provide door to door sales and cod service, the corresponding charges will be lower than the current level of socialization of logistics.

in addition, suning will release by the 5000 , 4000