Structure to the Sensor plug in the wings of the 3 d Sensor

Occipital is a “let users via their mobile phones get panoramic photo” is famous for its company. Recently, the company is seeking to enter hardware business development.

on Tuesday, Occipital announced 3 d camera Structure Sensor plan. Main purpose of the plan is for the equipment, the development is similar to the body feeling sensor device. The device has been installed, can let mobile devices with object scanning, augmented reality, etc.

although Occipital shows their equipment on Tuesday, but its official launch is expected to wait until next year. It is understood that the company’s equipment will be the first to application developers. “In so doing, will be able to make equipment more quickly into the product,” Occipital CEO Jeff Powers said.

it is understood that if the developers are willing to spend $500 reservation gold, then he will get a Beta version in December this year project development kits, and those who pay $349 to get a development kit in February next year or so. That is to say, consumers want to use a good hardware support, and hand in hand in the application of 3 d video sensor, have to wait for more than a year at least.

in addition, the Structure Sensor has been designed to be either directly by the camera and the connection, and can be done using bluetooth and other mobile phone and tablet PC connection. Early booking only need pay $349, you can choose any device or a device version, and pay $379 or above will get two attachment options at the same time.

expectations for developers is that they will not only early enthusiasts users, but also can develop the killer application and reveal Structure Sensor value and thus to the user.

Occipital has tried to the full size of PrimeSense sensor into mobile devices, but in the market may face competition from compatible with mobile phone 3 d camera. Intel in developers conference last week talked about the 3 d camera on future Unltrabooks series notebook configuration, but at this point, the image sensor manufacturers PrimeSense has it’s own Capri sensors, at the beginning of its design is in order to match the application of smaller devices.

Powers said Occipital know yourself to be small companies, are likely to encounter the powerful competitors. But he also said that a small little benefits. “We don’t need to sell 5 million sets of equipment to be successful in.” Powers said.