Storm video CEO Feng Xin: you see, is basically a trap

the author: Feng Xin storm video CEO

on Saturday, company executive layer quarterly meeting. I share a result of this period of time:

what do you see the trend, is basically a trap

in the video industry, many opportunities will really want to catch. 09 that would, for instance, a lot of my colleagues have to financing, then get the money buy the copyright, buy bandwidth become the highest state of the video game industry. I also went out to financing, run for a month I can run, also raised money, only the number of financing than other several boss. Me is very impressive, at that time had ran a boss, and told me, he raised a lot of money, on the base of this is the end of the video industry a sum of money, others can’t raise money again.

there are money, follow everyone began to burn money, all kinds of rising costs will not be afraid. 09 drama “my head of my regiment” single set sells millions of time, I think the industry has entered a bad circulation. I can’t afford to play the game, I do not like to play. Although we also buy the copyright, but compared to other boss, our copyright invest also is only one over ten of the people in it. From then on, I like my team unified thought: focus on their own products, don’t follow suit.

the somebody else all in copyright, or even fall in love with rob to buy Exclusive rights, when the storm video focus on doing products: “the left key”, “3 d”, “5.1 surround sound” launched. In the industry, on the products we use kung fu is somebody else’s “ten times”. But in front of the copyright to buy sound is buzzing, such products voice is very weak. I know our team some drums, play the popular somebody else’s copyright, we stop to do product is right?

every week, I have to vice President cui Draco and product core data, I’m very attention to some core data, each product function point, can make much user community? How much of an adhesive? Because my heart is very clear, through the function of retaining users and through content value is different, this is also our insist to do of the value of the product.

data proved that our choice is right.

rising storm video data in PC. From last year to this year the PC data generally sluggish long case, storm video daily usage is in inverse growth. Here can look back again, when we make and the different strategies, half is being forced, half is that everyone we see trends, basic is a trap. You know in the field of burning money there would be only one winner, if you burn but others and goofy with money, you must die. Now let’s see other products, you will understand what is “use it or lose it”, was used to burn money, there is no great improvement products.

this year began to shuffle video industry, the facts prove that our judgment is right. “Burn money” burn out youku, but “burn money” dry but “daddy”. Because “burn money” will always have a don’t have money to burn, but dad’s money is flowing. There is also a key point, “burn money” is for the sake of getting the product, product ready natural flow, but “spell dad sent” can directly get traffic from dad. So now we see the youku and art, art is popular.

from this trend can also judge, copycat burn owners will face financing difficulties, listed no exports, cash is not enough, “hate to marry” situation. It can’t, they chose the path of pseudo Bai Fu beauty, must cooperate with the best resources to look very beautiful.

so, I want to share for all entrepreneurs to the result: if you see the trend, all to see, you have to be careful, it is likely to be a trap.


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