Still have to wait and wait: nokia phone or delayed for several weeks

after rumors, nokia 9 to launch a tablet or at the end of the 6 inch tablet phone. But for now, looking forward to 6 inch smartphones, fans may have to wait for the last few weeks.

reliable, according to Reuters news, nokia was scheduled for the end of this month in New York’s release will be delayed for several weeks, may have to wait until 10 11 . Reuters also revealed that in will be released in the rumor has long 6 inch tablet (code Bandit ).

the delay of the activities will be released nokia’s flagship product for the first time since the takeover by Microsoft activities, also will help nokia to reshape the Windows Phone way of marketing.

the leading role of this activity in addition to the tablet, and nokia Sirius 10.1 Windows RT tablet. Interestingly, this tablet is likely with Microsoft, nokia the second generation of Surface series for the market.

Microsoft began to guangfa invitation last week, will be in 9 on 23 day in New York of the second generation of Surface Pro conference. Then about nokia postponed 9 on and day that have emerged in publishing activities. But then again, nokia has not released the event media invitation.

According to

ZDNet writer Mary Jo Foley analysis report in August, if nokia in 11 month carry Windows Phone 8 GDR3 system more innovation significance. Allegedly WP GDR 3 support more chips, including top qualcomm quad-core chips Xiao dragon 800 and nokia phone will pick up the top with quad-core chips.

at the same time, Microsoft plans to launch the second generation of Surface to there are two: carry Intel Haswell Surface 2 Pro and with nvidia prototypes 4 processor Surface 2 (to replace the original Surface RT ).

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