Stephen elop, nokia choose WP for foreseen that samsung will corner the Android

(translation: million begging)

nokia in the 2011 years decided to bet its future smartphone business in WP , over the past few years this decision right or not has been concerned, too, but it’s the real reason behind now gradually surfaced. When asked whether regret not choose android last week, elop answered and said, “it’s our pleasure on the choice” and then, , the guardian reported, elop said that “we were worried about a future hardware vendors will prevail, and even monopoly android.” At that time the nokia has built up as a vendor in the heart, of course, that is samsung.

elop continued, “I think we can look now the entire android ecosystem, there are many different companies have produced many excellent equipment, but of the many there is a leader in the company.” That nokia choose android or not related to what, our analysis is that the first echelon of now company, samsung, in particular, if an operating system can’t let nokia grow rapidly, and is strong enough to fight for market with them, then it is not the choice of the nokia.

so when nokia saw a chip, a possible can make you as an equal with apple and samsung chip, elop told reporters, “operators are hope and our dialogue, also lowers the threshold of negotiations, because we take a lot of market share, I think they want to cooperate with more manufacturers, in order to put pressure on all manufacturers, but also let them have a greater range of options, then, from the big strategic, we WP and let me in the selection of AT& T when global operators talks added a lot of confidence, we are the third big ecosystem.”

elop’s statement also confirmed their side or helplessly accept its market third rank, if considering that nokia and Microsoft deal, Microsoft every quarter to nokia pay 2.5 $to buy off the only focus on WP platform, we can also think this choice is reasonable. From this perspective, the nokia original decision is not wise. In the last quarter, nokia sold more than a blackberry phone, so as to consolidate the third of its market position, and elop was worried about “a dream come true”, samsung really became the market leader, other such as HTC and other companies are also difficult to compete with the south Korean manufacturers. However, nokia and the road ahead is very long, after all, his last quarter loss of 1.51 $…