Spiegel: the government can monitor most smartphones, apple, Android, blackberry is not escape “justice”

according to der spiegel reported, they have got a classified documents about the NSA. The file points out that the NSA can obtain information from the most smartphones. Whether the iPhone, Android, or by the public think blackberry with higher security, death is the U.S. government’s monitoring.

although it reiterated the NSA can “tap” (tap) smartphone information, but it is not sure of the U.S. government, whether can through the remote control, for mobile phone users’ privacy. However, by the above technology, NSA can easily obtain the information of the physical log in smartphones, especially when the data without encrypting (even if the user set the password).

“der spiegel” in the report pointed out that although the blackberry E-mail systems are thought to have higher reliability, but has always been the NSA can through the “back door” to access the system. So far, the blackberry official did not respond to the report.