South Korea economic daily: apple plans to 70% of the A8 orders by TSMC production

recently, according to foreign media science and technology The Verge reports next generation iPhone processor ( A8 ) will continue by samsung foundry. , apple will most ( 60% 70% ) A8 processor production orders to TSMC ( TSMC ).

apple A7 Soc

prior to that, according to foreign consultants Chipworks , the iPhone 5 s of A7 chips by its largest competitors samsung (samsung semiconductor factory 28 nm HKMG process). in addition, the iPhone 5 of A 6 chip from samsung as well.

another news that apple is going to take part of the New A series chips transfer part of the OEM orders of TSMC, but at the earliest to 2014 years. In addition, has the world’s scarce semiconductor factories, qualcomm, nvidia, etc are all big clients in TSMC. Could you please transfer some orders, TSMC is to consider the production capacity of TSMC. .