SONY’s Q2 earnings: mobile phone business growth is strong, but it is lost

in 2013, according to SONY has just released the fiscal second quarter, according to SONY Q2 operating profit of $151 million in 2013, a net loss of $197 million. Despite its smartphone sector steadily higher, but suffers from the entertainment sector, SONY cut their earnings forecasts for the year.

The main content of the

here are the results:


SONY mobile division, the total revenue of $4.27 billion, up 39% year-on-year.

a mild increase total revenue, SONY department, but operating losses of $181 million;

cut profit forecast to $2013 in 300 million, SONY, after falling 40% year-on-year;

in addition, the SONY TV, digital camera, PC sales expectations are lower;

SONY emphasize their film market, poor performance;

however, for the upcoming SONY PlayStation 4, SONY is expected to the end of march, the new generation of console sales will reach 5 million units;

, on the other hand, the Xperia Z smartphone market such as well, is SONY’s main revenue growth.

SONY results is a prominent signal, smartphone business already has become a “pillar” of SONY. Recently, Sony Xperia series smartphones is very popular in Japan, the Sony Xperia A more finished Japan with A 5.9% share of the top ten best-selling Android mobile phone. Which rank ahead of samsung’s Galaxy series.