SONY’s new generation of handheld game PSV2000 release

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This year

SCE ( Sony Computer Entertainment) Japan and SCE Asia as a combined organization ( SECJA ), so the conference is SCEJA conference debut.

the culmination of a conference at the beginning, of course, is the new PSV PSV2000 , PSV is divided into white, blue, yellow silver grey and black.

The new

PSV , 15 mm thick, 219 g lighter and thinner than before the 20% , light 15% and more portable, and the case is more soft edges and corners, is more suitable for women and housewife. Machine with memory card, at the same time, the built-in battery life increase 1 hour, the highest 6 hours, also the charging port into MicroUSB . PSV is 10 on 10 day sale, the price for the 18980 the yen (excluding tax), 19929 (tax included).

and PSV memory stick also reduced price, specific see chart.

and 10 on 10 day will also sell memory card.

PSV game core idea of the products is “common” xue (collaborative combat), the current sega’s “dream star Online2 “, Atlus “crown of the dragon”, as well as Marvelous AQL “soul sacrifice” is the leader works in such games.

to promote the concept, the SONY will also be in the 11 on 3 , 4 day in akihabara in Tokyo held a total of the academy culture. The game demo meeting content of bucket culture and Stage Event (stage).

the next batch of work will stick to the same concept.

ten thousand generations south dream palace GUNDAM BREAKER 10 on 31 day release booking At the same time to sell with a bundle of limited edition PSV , with up to plunge into the ancient model as a qualified goods (voice of fans: the original as much as RX78 and ancient finally fit the green tie?

“eats god 2 to PSP and PSV double platform release

in addition to selling limited edition host

Sacrifice the Soul for the Soul Sacrifice Delta 2014 , 3 on sale

Before the

Capcom well-known game producer (ghost fighters series producer), global director of product development now comcept co., LTD. , a famous rice ship keiji, for the coming year book, the soul sacrifice Delta “. Rice said this not just of the enhanced, don’t just add a few magic and Boss so simple, who will join many elements and will be in “sacrifice” and “salvation” increase the third force, as to what to buy a imprison son first. 9 on and