SONY’s CEO said it would exit the battle for the American smartphone market for the time being

yesterday, SONY CEO Hirai (Kazuo Hirai) said in a speech, even though the us smartphone market is of great significance for SONY, but due to the energy co., LTD., must first firmly in the Japanese market.

“it is essential for us to continue and further occupation of Japan’s domestic market. Participate in the U.S. smartphone market competition, while significant, but it is impossible to pump. That is to say, we should set priorities.” Hirai said.

according to Reuters, Japan and Europe market accounts for 60% of total sales of the SONY smartphone. Obviously, hirai’s speech shows that SONY is trying to keep the advantage status determination.

as the smartphone market becoming saturated, SONY and LG, samsung and other manufacturers of competition is more and more intense. Although Xperia Z1, such as SONY’s flagship mobile phones and the Galaxy S4, LG G2 can compete on configuration and experience, but in the United States market, SONY smartphone with the above product there is still a big gap between the two. So, maybe SONY’s decision was a wise “retreat”.