SONY Xperia release Z1: three proofing, 5 inch screen, 20700000 megapixel camera

last night, the leading role of the consumer electronics show in Berlin, in addition to samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Gear smart watches, and SONY.

SONY in Berlin last night

IFA officially released the new Xperia flagship Z1 , 5 “screen, to run android 4.3 system with aluminium alloy body framework, the most eye-catching or third prevention function. Before the conference, the SONY’s new flagship machine fired, but it was not until yesterday’s conference, SONY to her veil.

SONY is trying to catch up with other mobile phone manufacturers, such as nokia, therefore in the Z1 is equipped with a high quality camera, 2070 all pixels, G series of photoreceptor, also supports full hd video filming, whether very attractive?

of course, such a flagship machine social entertainment function, too, can be directly to the Facebook spread media, film 61 photo just 2 seconds, can choose one of the best, after SONY information eyes ( info – eye and is also built-in.

, SONY has introduced the QX10 and QX100 lens, can plug in the Z1 (or support any have NFC function smartphone), let Z1 ability greatly improved, and even can be comparable to high-end digital cameras.

for SONY, Z1 the release of the point in time is crucial to the current period of each mobile phone manufacturer focused release New phone, Z1 the challenge from the previous generations is still large.

may on software than samsung S4 slightly inferior, but just take photos, 2070 mega pixel cameras, mobile phones on the market at present.

as SONY has not released its prices, but it is understood that this month, SONY will take the lead in delivery in Europe.