Sohu New Deal: prohibit internal 4 sites such as access to electricity, the cell phone signal is blocked

message on March 20, like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of critics, pear tree. Beijing sunny in March, more snow this morning. Sohu company’s thousands of employees is haze days, sohu from this day on inside access to the 4 sites, such as electric commercial shopping website.

Bianews has more than from sohu employees WeChat weibo has confirmed this matter. Many employees have fun, the mood shifted from the wind light snow mud son thoroughly. Bianews thought it was a radical idea, in violation of the spirit of the Internet, is this really is a recycling sohu’s new move?

ironically, sohu’s game information website 17173. com are blocked. As long as the Intranet access 17173. com block list of websites, such as the system will prompt “according to the regulations of the company’s network management, blocking access to the game in the office, shopping, porn, gambling sites such as”.

maybe this is the beginning of reengineering sohu, the fox of the classmates, are you ready to order. After the other Internet companies recruiting can add a alone, the company can undertake electronic shopping and playing games.

this is a claim to China’s largest Internet portal website? When making this decision, bosses, whether considering your editors need to reprint 17173 game news, need to play more network, need to go to all kinds of games news information websites.

Bianews from sina weibo to see a lot of sohu employees have, it is strongly recommended that sohu top sealing away immediately Intranet access sina weibo, called for employees on sohu weibo ridicule. By the way, remind, please also blocked the signal, employees into the sohu building, mobile phone signal automatically switch to flight status. No problem, so, sohu, 5000 employees will fully work for sohu countries within 8 hours a day uninterrupted.

this is the biggest news today.


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