Sogou CEO wang xiaochuan dark scold Zhou Hongyi again!!

there are two Numbers to protect the safety of us, they are really like, is 3 digits, add up three Numbers is 9. Their ways of doing things are looking like: they all claim that consumers value above all; They are trying to get the supervision and use the media bombard enemy! They encourage each other more forward hand in hand. This is really a miraculous coincidence.

wang xiaochuan

360 the company’s advertising in 315. Obviously, sogou CEO wang xiaochuan released during 315 weibo is 360 and Zhou Hongyi dark scold. This is not the first time that wang xiaochuan Zhou Hongyi. During the Spring Festival last year, wang xiaochuan on weibo irony zhou go astray.

in fact, their grudges for a long time.

when Zhou Hongyi want to take a stake in sogou, wang refused, allegedly because “despises Zhou Hongyi LiuMangQi.” This is the beginning.

wang refused to also make good relationship with Zhou Hongyi zhang is very difficult, but later zhang gave Zhou Hongyi a face: in November 2010, jinshan, baidu, cattle, navigate, sogou jointly announced the software is not compatible with 360 security guards, and reveal “eight big lie” of 360, but was scheduled to attend wang didn’t come.

then wang xiaochuan and Zhou Hongyi and fierce fighting in the field of your browser, in the end of 360 to launch the search, the equivalent of direct copy sogou Bridges. The conflict escalated.

wang xiaochuan so “this”, but never respond to zhou. 360, according to people familiar with the 360 not response is for the sake of public relations strategy, 360 don’t want anything less than my own business by spat advantage of 360.