Softbank, FitBit to refinance $43 million, said wearable device startup no escape

according to fortune magazine, sports track class FitBit wearable devices, recently completed a new round of up to $4300 in financing. This round of financing by softbank’s collar, other investors include Foundry Group, True Ventures, qualcomm Ventures, SAP Ventures. It is understood that after the two VCS as new actors, will join the Fitbit board of directors of the company.

march this year, foreign media reported wave-tech at science and technology, the FitBit valued at $300 million, and $30 million in financing. Before that, the company raised $23 million in another round of financing.

softbank capital partners, Steve Murray (Steve Murray) said: “wearable equipment is growing fast. As the most famous of these, FitBit need a large amount of capital for development. Different from traditional application fields of investment, such as the Fitbit health tracking devices, in between application software and medical equipment.”

in many people’s view, wearable devices have become the next wave of science and technology. For more competitive and concept of flying wearable equipment market, softbank capital seems very bullish. In an interview, Murray said: “don’t go to pay attention to apple’s rivals such as product research and development, it is very reckless (media and apple will launch iWatch with health tracking function). However, too much attention to those giants may also affect their development. 15 years ago, many people avoid competing with Microsoft to, and now, five years later, entrepreneurs still don’t want to do things that Google will do. Can be proved, Microsoft and Google were not completely dominant industry, many small companies not only survived, and got a chance to grow.”