Social search baidu do? It’s not impossible

social search baidu do? Not impossible

like the Tanabata festival, usually of the dealer sales promotion. In the field of the Internet, and electricity and life service sites or the application of festival, because people want to buy gifts, looking for a restaurant location, check the cinema tickets, or to find the hotel reservation…
Festival pass search engines what matter? This is a false dichotomy. Because all these things can use the search engine, and can not search engines, everything can be done with vertical website/application.
Every such holiday, in baidu search engines such as Google’s, only a little occasional LOGO or FLASH game play of soy sauce.
But baidu seems to be this year. Launched such a “confession” online activity: the user to enter activity page, to submit personal information and to arrange a review online, in the Chinese valentine’s day that day with the name of the baidu search by profession, you are the first result will do to him/her words.
For example, search “guzheng” :

the first result, is he received profession; Then he baidu encyclopedia of business CARDS, weibo, post bar and other results.
Through pictures, sharp-eyed readers may have already seen that the location of the account is actually the baidu promotion. Oh, it’s just a baidu promotion use Chinese to do an advertisement.
Baidu oneself want to take advantage of the Chinese have a activities, propagandize the search marketing, but the message activity itself, not just propaganda baidu promotion. It inspired a thinking: search engines what else can I do?
The expression “online” activities, let the author came up with two possible.
It a: search promotion service for individuals.
As is known to all, the baidu promotion only for businesses and merchants. Is it possible to let people can also buy in baidu keyword, which makes his resume, personals, for lease ads appear at the top of the search results directly? If so, zhaopin,, century company of China person of outstanding ability, market, 58 city, etc., all want to gang up on baidu. Baidu own search business even will split in two, a key word corresponding to the results of the two kinds of entirely different, one is natural search results, it is a commercial search results. Another similar example, in taobao search goods, the result can be divided into two major categories of bazaar and mall.
Use the baidu search box instead of the vertical website search box, looks beautiful, it’s crazy.

b: social search, baidu also can play.
Search a person’s name, others for his/her profession, that is to say, you can see how many people in the pursuit of him/her, who is in the pursuit, to what degree… Is this search for a person’s social relationship! Isn’t that social search?
Social search, provided there is a user and their social relations, foreign social networking sites, we think weibo. Compared with traditional search weibo search has three characteristics: social, real-time, and local. These three points are advantage, weibo or social search means search results more accurate and more fresh. Now open to the baidu sina weibo microblogging content interfaces, such as search the name of the one big V, you can see its latest weibo content. If the interface is shut, users will need to click the mouse a few times, more to see the big V just said what.
In fact, baidu has its own social tools – baidu hi, blogs products – baidu space, have active community – post bar, and the user production content baidu library, baidu encyclopedia, baidu knows, baidu experience, etc. If enhance social color of these products, and tries to integrate, the result will be what?
Actually search engine development to today, commercial level is high enough, peripheral products have enough, but its itself is the most basic core business is being more vertical search box out further. Electricity has taobao search; Life class search market, city; Social search, twitter and weibo, initially through traditional search engines provide weibo as a result, for which the flow of import, but now the social search is gradually strong, and with the traditional search engine rival momentum… Everyone in the platform, platform are strong enough, after the expansion of its own desire is unstoppable, so their search box on-site search is not just that simple. Can search what baidu looks today, if control the vertical resources website the related interface, it is almost equal to what all can’t search, finally had to degenerate into a classified site navigation — of course this is too exaggerated.
The next step in the search how to play, this subject is quite worth studying.