Social marketing practitioners about 2013 weibo what other opportunities


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as weibo has entered the fourth year of this year, from tens of thousands of weibo users start to now have breakthrough 5 $user, growing faster than ever the perfection of all Internet product development speed, produced by major events including given the profound influence on the Chinese society is huge, every user is a participant, 5 billion users formed by the different focus on the relationship with the fans, the huge precious asset is gradually fermentation, 2013 years with the improvement of the microblogging basis function, we will enter a new social business community, as China’s earliest engaged in social marketing practitioners, has been looking forward to the opportunity came for a long time, only to write this article with all of the same field, hope the new social business can bring us into a new tomorrow together!

weibo’s development as a business the development of the society, people from less to more, from the beginning the attention of the star, and focused on celebrities, to focus on the event, pay attention to the people behind the event, we do not know each other before we can review carefully, @ xue savages didn’t know @ lee didn’t understand @ the light xu @ wine red and blue @ fan less Who they are and what they are doing, through the development of weibo all of them are on twitter gained great success and harvest

@ xue savages The use of events, to make bold to do public welfare undertakings own influence has been greatly promoted, every time a charity to raise in the early days, a charity project need 1 week to fundraising, now many projects in the 3 days to raise, it fully embodies the ascension of his own influence and weibo users with high quality, the growth of the @ xue savages whose job is angel investors, imagine a angel if you can have a better influence, many entrepreneurs when they rarely even investment also hope to give them enough to invest in good condition, why? Because of their social influence! Through microblogging xue old investment projects over the years, I am sure that you is better than before this year, more and more, so the microblogging is his assets! Valuable assets, is a win-win situation.

@ lee, a Taiwanese before doing business in China have a weibo, to our understanding of his very one-sided innovation factory and when he started to open weibo, to know more about him, he often through weibo published their own views, for many entrepreneurs to suggest rapidly acquired a lot of fans own enterprise is also in full swing, he is a very clever man, with his mentor the name of the business will be engaged in business together, the factory has produced a huge nuclear reactions, and innovation from only tens of millions of dollars of hatch has fast become with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of , the great changes in these a few short years.

@ wine red and blue @ the light xu @ less fan, a group of typical weibo entrepreneurs to everyone now call them the grassroots account what jokes, but how many people know that they hard entrepreneurial process, three of them have covered with weibo account added up to the user (not discharge) is more than 1 , their early operating account in weibo hard the fans every bit of it, from zero to tens of millions, I’m afraid the sad as long as their own more clear, many weibo users like they forward the contents of their content, they bring a lot of users small pleasures in life, although there are a lot of users and so-called public knowledge Ready to attack these typical entrepreneurs and give them a so-called definition, I just want to say, you who refuse to obey, then you will make a big account and have a look. For such entrepreneurs, they don’t have enough money, not enough resources, rely on your own understanding, foresight and wisdom to the fans of accumulated assets, is worthy of all of us admire enough, though they now have enough let you move/year (more than tens), also they deserve, and they @ xue savages @ as admirable lee, please in reading hard creation content at the same time, also must accept the somebody else to do advertising, this is business.

before to see how do social marketing companies, @ ShenYin @ ms ai @ all the boring keen @ shen goh chok tong liang @ Cheng Yandong these are on weibo is the most favorite of early intervention in business, they have enough business operations, before no weibo are engaged in network marketing work, also have some savings, after seeing the prospect of social marketing, are obliged to look back into came in, they mainly service for the enterprise brand service for the enterprise, there are also many known as “surrogate company” (I don’t understand why a lot of people won’t keep some of the mouth for entrepreneurs, laugh, most of these people are not business people) everyone should understand and support a service brand of company is some prospective ideas of entrepreneurs is how not easy, social marketing to all have no a standard this year, these entrepreneurs in a business environment, there is no standard, the hard, just want to have income, cash collection and also in technology, products, these children’s shoes, we have had communication, in today’s China small entrepreneurial environment and conditions, the sincere hope that we give them applause and encouragement, and also for China’s social marketing for them to start a little light to give praise, I sincerely hope that we all these social entrepreneurs can live 5 , 10 , 20 income can from now thousands of tens of millions of the breakthrough tens of millions To become a big company.

in the sina weibo platform over the past few years, the cumulative invested hundreds of millions of dollars in spending a lot of research and development, into the server, (now there are a lot of known in bad-mouthing, I laugh) are you N years ago bad-mouthing taobao, bad-mouthing shi yuzhu do games, any a big Internet companies in China the more been bad-mouthing seems to be better, if the true bad-mouthing, after a company a process of products since the childhood to the scale of the profit, they will choose to shut up! All of the three years preceding the goal is to give users more and better experience, all products upgrade and optimization, there is success also have failed, but the goal does not change that is to let users more cool!

2013 I think we have reached the age social business ecosystem, weibo has clear started the beginning of the commercialization, we should know the commercialization of the start here, doesn’t mean the weibo immediately a lot of money, as the industrial chain of Taipei, please look carefully favorite, weibo has quietly, some changes have taken place in many fundamental commercial facilities on a major products:

“wallet” will completely solve the user and the business fans and followers of cash receipts and payment problem, this is a critical infrastructure.

“enterprise microblogging business framework You can set up shop in weibo in the future, and can in weibo booking training courses, it is possible to book the hotel in weibo @ hotel assistant official weibo it’s decisive commercial framework.

“information flow advertising media are used several rounds,” although there are many people willing to choose them, they can’t deny you, when you in choosing to purchase goods, is always affected by “it”, if you hope that one day on the microblogging platform deliver your product or business information, “it” will bring you great rewards.

“task” micro task is weibo launch a platform of the nature of the product, we don’t expect too much income, our aim is to help enterprise customers and advertising and marketing agency better contact and communication. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull