So, qualcomm didn’t buy AMD

hunting cloud network alerts on April 4,

suddenly saw message said, qualcomm acquisition of AMD. Small make up to stare blankly at the time, crazy to find sources, went through the media didn’t find an exact message in English, English Twitter also no news.

small make up eventually found the message on sina weibo in Chinese only. Weibo, ha ha. (the first news from blue V media weibo account @ set net website, published in the from isolated a tweet, not given any sources or link)

soon, AMD China a retort.

AMD greater China managing director xiao-ming pan just told sina science and technology, have not heard of qualcomm acquisition of AMD. AMD in the past few quarters underperforming, loss for all of last year to $1.18 billion. Xiao-ming pan said that AMD has been decided that the growth in new business areas, including ARM server chips, embedded devices and tablet computer chip market.

small make up holding the lookup rumor source point of view, then found in August last year has Chinese media rumors qualcomm buying AMD, said to have eyes and nose. Unfortunately, the rumors just rumors.

rumor to the wise. After seeing no citations and source link weibo rumors, first checking again spread. Well, that’s all. Don’t take others when the fool, don’t put yourself into a fool.