“Smartphones” Oscar list release: HTC One become mobile phone of the year

recently, the British magazine Mobile Choice magazine out of the 2013 most valuable in the smartphone industry manufacturers and equipment. It is reported that samsung, with huge market share and profits, became the year’s most valuable mobile phone manufacturer. The HTC One has been selected as this year’s best mobile phone.

it is understood that the Mobile Choice “is the most authoritative a Mobile magazine, the magazine, selected the major Mobile phone award every year.

samsung, in addition to become leader of OEM, its flagship Galaxy S4 has also been named the 2013 “the most innovative mobile phone”. The Galaxy Note II has also been rated as “the most excellent multimedia devices.

HTC One relies on “the best cell phone camera function” and “best design” two awards, become the mobile phone of the year.

at the same time, Sony, asus, HTC, nokia, respectively ranked the second to five OEM list. The SONY camera function has been widely praised, while SONY was named the tablets of the year. While “2013 most valuable tablet was awarded the asus production. Nokia 620 was selected as the company annual most valuable mobile phone.

, become a mobile phone of the year last year, while the 3 to 2012 tablets of the year.