Smartphone innovation becomes the direction of the wind: optimization of parts into a new trend

(Reuters) – regular contributors Noel – rand’s (Noel Randewich) appealed to the Engineers to seek innovation in smartphones internal (Engineers searching for smartphone innovation look within) entitled to existing smartphone innovation present situation has carried on the resolution. In his view, the mobile phone manufacturers to exert promoted the processor’s operation performance is difficult to attract consumers, apple launched the iPhone 5 s is a case, but more efficient integration of existing components is the mainstream of future innovation.

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Innovation is hard to find the

as apple and other smartphone makers gradually found their own new product has been hard to attract the attention of consumers, the company’s engineers have to face such a situation, that is “the future of smartphone innovation is not only lies in the development of more powerful processor chip, and is to look for more effective method to the integration of existing components.”

the apple in the local time on Tuesday unveiled its new iPhone 5 s, but after several years of big innovation, seems even apple has shown his own weakness. The iPhone 5 s is the biggest bright spot with built-in fingerprint scanning system and a more powerful A7 processor. But what is certain is that the phone after the release of far not reached the height of the market feedback.

in 2007, when an own multitouch and built-in iOS iPhone, almost all the world by surprise. In recent years, however, has little smart phones can be obtained when the iPhone’s impressive performance, even the consumers themselves are becoming more and more picky. Many Wall Street analysts worry that even the smartphone industry innovation has stalled.

“perceptual computing”

in the apple conference, in addition to 64 A7 processor, apple also introduced at the news conference, a “M7” coprocessor. The main function of the chip is dedicated to monitoring from accelerometer and gyroscope, the compass sensor’s dynamic data, reduce the load of CPU, and extend battery life. From this point we see not hard, apple and other company’s r&d engineers are trying to find the mobile phone industry from other aspects innovation of fresh air to the future, and hope to be able to meet consumers by this method is more and more high expectations.

M7 and apple are similar to those used by the current biggest rival samsung chips help smartphone makers towards “perceptual computing” (perceptual computing) in the direction of a step closer. “Perception computing” is a new concept of come out in recent years, this concept can make smart phones and other devices continue to integrate data from the sensors in the camera, microphone, and so that equipment can real-time monitor to the surrounding environment, and react. Due to many mobile phones are currently on the market with built-in 3 d gyro, distance sensor, microphone and radio chip module, so this type of equipment can usually at any time, accurately track the user’s current location, direction, and other information.

it should be pointed out that, compared the energy consumption of powerful A7 M7 processing real-time data chip, much smaller, it is for developers to create part relies on the use of the chip to provide data provides a possible, and help manufacturers taken a big step towards a “cognitive operation field”.

well-known market research institutions Gartner analyst Selma gus – jose herschel (Sergis Mushell) said: “at present, we are from pure chip operation to the path of intelligent system, and intelligent system can collect data and processing. Along the way, however, we still have a long way to go.”

meanwhile, barclays analyst Curtis (Blayne Curtis), said: “in the samsung Note 2 and Galaxy S4 mobile phone, samsung use the sensor from Atmel processors, and this kind of processor is gradually spread in high-end models.”

in fact, in the current smartphone already contains some belonging to the function of “cognitive computing category”, the only major producers not to hype. The navigation software, for example, the Android platform will be based on user’s current location, habits, time and provides Suggestions for traffic route; MOTOROLA’s Moto X phones with built-in a always in the monitored user commands the microphone.

integration is king

besides smartphone manufacturers, research and development of some semiconductor companies are also trying to provide better management scheme of sensor management chip, or some chips used in wearable computing devices. But at the moment, actually has a lot on the market can record movement data such as user heartbeat, speed and distance of wearable devices.

last week, samsung and qualcomm, respectively, introduced the Galaxy Gear and Toq smart watches, but these two equipment needs to be used together with smartphones. Intel confirmed on Monday, said the company is developing a can be used for wearable computing devices, ultra, ultra low power processor. External analysis, I think it is in Intel found himself has become the smartphone and tablet market the most powerful response after others, and hope to be able to advance to the next technological innovation lead.

in addition to other wearable equipment technology companies are also trying to bring the concept of “perception operation” to in the field of medical equipment, so as to assist doctors to monitor the patient’s health status, and timely notify the doctor before possible deterioration.

to be sure, further integration equipment built-in sensors data can help smartphone more accurate monitoring of user’s location and activities, and reasonable Suggestions are given on the basis of these data, whether in the user’s shopping or the driver.

sensor and portable computing devices, enterprise development and sales of global leadership company plans in the next few years to launch a user can detect the location the height of the motion sensor. After have a sensor, even if the user is in will block the GPS signal of tall buildings can also be used in indoor navigation application shortcut to help find their own way to the destination.

well-known market research firm IDC analysts Raymond – rama, said Ramon Llamas, smartphone shipments in last year rose to 46%, the number will slow to 33% in 2013. And in the next few years, smartphone shipments are expected to remain at around double-digit growth. At the same time, after spending less on smartphones in Asia will gradually become the main market of mobile phone manufacturer for growth.

industry status

in July this year, considering the smartphone industry innovation has almost dried up, citigroup analyst Glen Yin (Glen Yeung) by qualcomm shares. He said, compared with adding new functionality, intelligent mobile phone companies learn how to better use of the chip and component is more important work.

“when you consider the relationship between the software and hardware, you will find that everything is working towards a direction. We are gradually reached a critical point of commercialization of hardware is, and we have all the tools may need to use.” Glen yoon says.

however, qualcomm chief executive Paul Jacobs (Paul Jacobs) has a different point of view, he said investors who think equipment spare parts is enough good wrong. “We are developing for the so-called” digital sixth sense “of a new radio design, this design can even detect user objects around you.” Jacob said.

another industry well-known chip makers Nvidia has said, the future smart phones and tablets on the game make use of cameras and other sensors to further enhance the gaming experience, and for players to really become a part of the game. Nvidia product marketing director Matt wu BiLin (Matt Wuebbling) said: “the end user must obtain a better gaming experience. If you just configured with a brand new chip, and not make full use of it by the software, the end user will not feel any difference, the new iPhone is so.”

it is worth mentioning that broadcom chips built now has to deal with Wifi, bluetooth and other connection data, and are looking for can improve wireless chip, GPS, new ways of interaction between sensors. , broadcom CEO Scott McGregor (Scott McGregor), said: “we will be a new connection technology and more powerful equipment, these devices will have better sensor integration technology, and can be integrated with wearable devices. So, we haven’t to close the Patent Office.”

source: tencent technology