Sina weibo to redefine the portal

(contributing authors: Xie Pu)

in 2010, sina weibo developer conference thoroughly, one ticket is hard to find, “shine weibo sina” public image summed up the revolution on the self. But with sina losses, also some people began to suspect that weibo in consuming portal flow, drag on the portal.

this revision, sina hopes to portal and micro boehner into a unified system, the two sides as well as exchange of needed goods.

weibo can be integrated with the portal, the most obvious prominent symbol is the portal home page top obvious “search”. Sina chief says, the increasing number of weibo search box, to the portal and better through weibo. On the one hand, through the portal and micro flow tutors, on the other hand is also will be bundled portal and weibo interests.

not only such, bar, right at the portal sina also increased the hotspot and more weibo microblog. One person involved in sina redesign of staff, according to “personalized, mobile, social, and localization, is the four directions of the revised”. Four directions are related to the weibo, localization and social aims to use weibo to broaden portal border, and personalized, in addition to the Cookie technology, more need to rely on weibo ID as a foundation.

he said that for sina weibo attracted a large number of users is valuable, many of them are sina’s users. The revised hopes to import this part of the user’s flow of sina, how to import these users? Microblogging is the key to Log in, the traditional portals are Log in user, as an aside, the gap between baidu and Google, to a large extent is the lack of such a can bind the user’s Gmail account system. Because enterprise according to the user login, can be more accurate analysis of user behavior, provide them with more accurate personalized content. This is sina portal social, is also a personalized attempt.

both personal and social, nature is data mining, all need data mining and retrieval of weibo users.

weibo can be integrated with the portal, is that the increase of interactive advertising. April 1 revision on the same day, the portal will all give priority to with interactive advertising, advertising advertising will have client weibo ID, traditional advertising is just a show, and increase customer weibo ID, sina hope to advertisers fans and social assets, such as micro content, to provide added value.

last year, sina began to test this new type of interactive advertising. This kind of interactive advertising has a variety of forms, such as advertising design itself into corporate officer, micro, add in the advertisement of “add a key focus on” button, or in the advertising increase forward and share and comment on the button below, if users like the ads can be a key recommendation to weibo friend. This interactive advertising case, Chevrolet sharp treasure, also has 11 Tmall double promotion, and Nike’s “live out your great”. To get through the portal and weibo, achieves resource scheduling.

of course, the ultimate goal of this kind of interactive advertising or, enhance the user experience and flow efficiency. And sina weibo, is the key to this promotion.

sina portal in 1998 established the mass, comprehensive, fast (objective), sina model, portal river’s lake has little innovation, even the us yahoo also is such. Recently, however, yahoo also started to redesign, revision is aimed at yahoo and Facebook get through, to emphasize its social. For sina, its advantage is that weibo is their own.

the mood is du hong office co-ceo debut, in sina top view, they wanted to “redefine the portal.

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