Sina and bus 】 【 CCTV 5 up

【 bus NO. 4

the uncle to take the bus to Shanghai this time. In the elevator, and uncle, chao met sina total leader, wisdom in the mind the uncle asked ten thousand gossip want to for you. . A few commonplaces, uncle had no mouth, CEO, cao hunting cloud network do good, I in the prepared speech, talk to you next time…

the cunning of the CEO, can run faster than anyone.

well, and the uncle only your own bar, the message is, sina invested close to $3 yuan to buy the NBA’s resources, set up the sina sports. Buy the NBA’s resources are not new things, but it is fresh in fresh, the sina almost alone take up the NBA’s high quality resources, and many are exclusive. That is to say, the za ten thousand people admire of CCTV 5 this time also want to sina gasp. Specific explanation is: sina sports pick the rest of the program, think is too bad, don’t want, the NBA will give CCTV 5…

sina is to want to say to the fans, this alone, there is no branch. Darling, bordering on CCTV 5.

as a result, the original cooperation such as sina and the NBA, traditionally, CCTV 5 will send officials to report, but the CCTV reporter also didn’t come. Ha ha! Sina is never expected this prop and CCTV 5.