Sigh!!! With Mr Jobs gone, buy yacht had served in the United States

apple’s former CEO Steve jobs had had someone to design a ship called Venus luxury yacht, and a few days ago, this yacht has arrived in the United States.

Venus Feadship yacht by Dutch shipbuilding company responsible for building, adopt the aluminum alloy structure, hull surrounded by about 3 meters high window, and in driving indoor installations are 7 27 inches iMac, apple flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

this yacht formally delivered last October, the total cost more than $132 million. But, due to the design of commission dispute, Venus until the end of December last year was allowed to leave port.

at the moment, no. Venus has docked yacht in the United States west palm beach Rybovich Marina pier, and this summer will also arrive at the California coast.

translation: tencent technology