Shi yuzhu “for personal reasons to resign from the giant network CEO

the giant network today announced that Mr Shi yuzhu due to personal reasons to resign from , the resolution will be 2013 , 4 on and take effect. Mr Shi yuzhu will continue to retain its giant network company chairman of the board of directors. The board of directors then in 4 on and day announced the appointment of the new the CEO.

Mr Shi yuzhu said: “since the 2004 in the nine years since its establishment, the company I proud for the giant network’s achievements. From our independent research and development of the first paragraph multiplayer online role-playing game “journey” free online to the company on the New York stock exchange and the sustainable development, the company has become a mature listed companies, I’ve always thought the giant network is because of its unique enterprise culture and the system of core competitiveness and become a powerful online game company, is not to rely on my personal ability. In the past few years, we ventured into the research and development unit system, a move that greatly inspired our r&d team of r&d enthusiasm, to produce the “journey 2 ” and the forthcoming “XianXia world” and so on one batch of outstanding works; At the same time they also proved one thing: online games industry belongs to the young people. Now I am very happy to be able to continue as chairman of the board of directors, and promised to company management team and r&d talents to give full support.”

about giant interactive group co., LTD.

the giant network group co., LTD. (nyse: code GA ) is a China leading online game developer and operator, focus on massively multiplayer online role-playing game. At present, a lot of giant run game, including the old “journey” series, “journey 2 “, “giant”, “fairy way”, “golden state”, “al light and” the sorcerer’s wrath. For more details, please visit giant’s website.