Share the secret of social applications Whisper won $21 million in financing of sequoia capital

in recent years, Facebook, Twitter, the microblogging platform type such as social networking sites continue to’s supremacy, at the same time, some social application of vertical segment (site) are also beginning to survive in the cracks of giant. Social picture is one of very strong momentum of development. However, both well-known sets, and questioned Snapchat, these images social platform, all extremely pay attention to protect personal privacy of users.

what’s interesting is that recently there is a “social” applied in the opposite direction, let users willing to own secret through mobile applications, sharing on the network.

daughters every time I what is global warming, I always said that was a lie, so I will save them explained.

share the secret of mobile social applications

Whisperer design philosophy is simple: will he not willing to tell the secret of acquaintances, through anonymous way Shared with strangers. Typically, the user to select a picture of yourself about things related, after the above words in the form of expressing his secret. After through the mobile application Whisperer, spread on the Internet. These images can be users upload, also can use with this application. Users in addition to being able to see the latest and most popular secret sharing, can also be seen near the Whisperer users share.

as a receptionist, when company all to have lunch, I would sneak into the conference room, and lets her look like the CEO of the company.

user scale growth, such as sequoia capital, the vc value

Whisperer company was founded in 2012, after two years maintained a rapid development momentum. So far, the application of the number of users has broke through millions of hits more than 2.5 billion times a month. For an application service companies, the number already very not easy.

in the recent round of round led by sequoia capital financing, the company gains of $21 million. Other investors include: Lightspeed Venture Partners, at Trinity Ventures. At present, the company’s total funds of $2400.

once, my friends and I together to count to three, and then tell your secret to each other. The result we both at the same time say a words: “I love you”.

freely to tell the secret, is a way to release yourself

everyone has their own secret, has their own don’t want to let the people around to understand privacy. But these are not willing to show the secret, often because we felt that we do not have access to the understanding of others. Everyone is concerned, in the long run, these secrets will become a psychological burden. Whisper this anonymous share personal secret social way, just provide us with a platform release of the self. Because it is anonymous, and be free. Whisper, moreover, the company also has become a name “non-profit organization”, to help the psychological problems of students on campus, and calls for attention to this population.

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