Shanzhai boss undercover rice festival “want to see what Michael looks like”

section in rice field, hunting cloud network editor met two head of shanzhai manufacturers, they came to fly to Beijing, from shenzhen to millet “scriptures”.

here are hunting cloud network and shanzhai boss summary of the conversation.

“don’t focus on millet several years ago, that is, every day you of the news media hype, then don’t think they can make more cow force of the product, but later, continuous channel friends said in millet, the judgment of people do on the Internet is like hype.”

“millet generation started to sell good, a lot of friends began to ask can get millet, including do online friends, at this time I’m serious study of millet. It seems the world is changing too fast, did not think of a new mobile phone actually sell so many units, digital killed I didn’t think of.”

“really let me feel the identity of the millet is able to brand mobile phone into a carrier channels, you know, we have done so many years, bitter ha ha also is to do the custom machine life, millet was a natural nobility.”

“business is too bad to do these two years, the decline in profits, a mobile phone to earn a few dollars, a lot of friends of the company are closed. But it grew millet, let a person envy. We also want to find out, lei jun how operation? We also see a lot of this aspect of the article, but there are called lei jun have boast lei jun, is feeling dry not found. Ask a consulting company to give us a solution offer 1 million, it’s too expensive.”

“to the scene, millet mobile phone have so many fans, really crazy, Shouting ah called ah, don’t even in the class. Really not cover, I still don’t understand, millet so a few years time is built up by what way to so many fans? Feel millet prices are not low, but the built-in software what is so good, this is better than many brands.”

“lei jun triathlon we are learning to speak, the threshold is too high, have to spend much money, but he said the selling mobile phone, on the Internet can go back to the same time to learn.”

“can you give me a cloud network hunting lei jun’s phone number, no opportunity and lei jun to chat today, but he is really a special want to look for consult consult face to face.”