Shanda literature transfer valuation to $600 million, or affected by the team ran away

, according to economic observer reporter later have ray in shanda literature step-by-step preparation for listing day, Goldman sachs and shanda literature has completed a long-awaited deal. “The talks have half a year,” a people familiar with the situation said, “last month to complete the deal.” Eventually, shanda literature value less than $600 million, sell a 20% stake to Goldman sachs.

this also means that shanda literature valuation of $800 million last year, after just one year, it has lost $200 million.

the industry analysis, the or and shanda literature founding team ran away.

on March 6, shanda literature internal E-mail: “some employees resigned recently, qidian, discussed and approved by the board of directors has approved their request”.

the founding team collective resigned, most of the core editor after departure.

then, represented by xiao-qiang hou big group and represented by wu as a starting point for the founding team for various forms of in-fighting, blaming each other.

last the furore to wu “refuge” tencent, rory “caught” temporarily come to an end. Starting from the analysis, the personage inside course of study Chinese website is the main force in shanda literature array, the departure of founding team is bound to affect the site valuation.