Shanda literature announced that raised $110 million Start open and mobile strategy

(editor: liu)

shanda literature formally announced today, has passed the private financing a total of $110 million, investors including Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs the relationship between the enterprise Investments Holdings (Asia) Limited, and temasek, Singapore’s investment arm, the money is mainly used for realization of shanda literature new open strategy and mobile strategy.

xiao-qiang hou, chief executive of shanda literature director, said: “with the aid of this opportunity, shanda literature will uphold the open strategy, let more writers, content into shanda literature platform, let the author gain greater benefits in developing; In the mobile Internet terminal, will further increase investment in technology, active exploration for the new business model, build absolute leading mobile Internet reading.”

open strategic shanda literature, a move is open platform, will be as open to shanda literature’s qidian bearing platform, let the authors own shelves, including decide shelves, autonomous station standing outside and enjoy the same into promotions and rewards. And this is only the first step on the “open”, in the future, shanda literature platform will also be open to the whole literature industry, takes the press non-exclusive license works for more diverse, the content of the flow cash support.

another move against the author, the author shanda literature reshape qidian revenue model, serial subscription sales will through the form “into + reward”, 100% returned to the authors.

it was reported that in recent years, shanda literature in the field of mobile performance is outstanding, has become a big three mobile operators in 2011 read the base of the largest content providers, in 2012 from China mobile phone reading base year nearly 150 million total users, compared with 2011 doubled. Its own mobile Internet terminals, active users has exceeded 5 million, month more than 30 million active users, from their own mobile channels has exceeded PC revenue. Own mobile Internet channels, including qidian, all the data in the first quarter of this year and last year was flat, from April to now, the income further realize the multiplication.

under the layout of the new mobile strategy, shanda literature are in its various mobile end products for strategic restructuring, improving reading experience, improve payment convenience, at the same time will be found through content and recommendation engine, for users to find books, for books to find users, mobile channels into absolute leading mobile Internet reading.