Shanda games released mobile strategy: hand swim platform “G” made its debut

shanda games officially released today mobile gaming platform boutique strategy, announced the launch of mobile game operation platform, “G” APP (, and will be in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore (southeast Asia) with other countries and regions such as synchronization. Also announced the next year is ready to swim up to 36 high hand hand swim (G) in G platforms, including Square Enix development “the Guardian Cross”, and shanda games Korea subsidiary Actoz and Eyedentity development “Hell Lord” and “dragon valley: labyrinth” and so on works.

the platform brings together shanda perennial accumulated almost a full set of background possessions: user, pass, security, payment, customer service, quality control and a series of resources. According to shanda CEO xiang-dong zhang disclosed that at the meeting so far shanda games operation for 12 years, has accumulated a registered account number 1.8 billion, accumulative total active account number 1 billion, accumulative total paid account number up to 100 million, more than 2000 currently active VIP users in cumulative contribution in the history of more than 24 billion yuan of income.

on the arrival of the mobile Internet advertised shanda games early to plan for the transformation, and strive to build the mobile platform. Therefore, shanda games recently plan integration “grand” online operations of the parent company subordinate platform (, which include: account of safety, customer service, point card channels, pay billing, user behavior data platform, the membership system and information release system, etc.

shanda CEO xiang-dong zhang said: the house of G product release, is the comprehensive mobile Internet platform resources integration formed after upgrading an app. Just at the beginning of this month, shanda announced for $811.5 million from its acquisition of Shanghai shanda network sheng network technology company and tianjin cheng jing trade co., LTD., is the two companies for shanda games provide services such as account, customer service, set the peripheral channels.

boutique strategic

shanda President dong-hai qian, “G” is different from the common app market, but the vertical integration of high-quality goods content, fine service, high-quality goods users as one of the mobile game boutique. Including account, point treasure, customer service, G ask community, G product functions and services such as game. G home boutique at the heart of the mobile game is the focus and sharing.

dong-hai qian said, G will be made of the screening of large network game program hand-picked 1% of the classic mobile game on the market, like operating a large network game with 100% of the resources and energy quality operations and services. At the same time, shanda games also announced that it would open the boutique system into other channels and market, and developers, the market share up to 90% of their income, channel, the minimum guarantee 40% for developers.

for game developers, the game once filtered was rated as high-quality goods game (G), G home will use a guaranteed, commitment to trade the highest proportion into even buy out to protect the interests of developers. At the same time the developers don’t have to pay extra advertising can ensure resources in order to improve the success rate; G home will also be fully open user data for developers and users channels to enhance the quality of subsequent games.

for G home users, will not face massive game and often have no game to play, G home selected to provide high-quality goods hand tour will focus on quality of the game and playability, and G’s hand swim platform also provides users a comprehensive 12 years the accumulation of the best service and platform security.

for everything, including mobile game market, can bring more user channel partners, G home are willing to locate the role of operator is the best content. Partners according to their needs, the mode of franchise for reference, the G home whole or the single G product game into his channels and for the resulting high revenue sharing.

in the end, dong-hai qian stressed that shanda games will be held in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions such as Singapore (southeast Asia) synchronous launch G, create value for mobile game developers to maximize, strived to G home into a mobile game of the world’s most valuable boutiques.